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Loving like Father: Living with Skin like His


A Holy Experience

I ask your grace.

There are things afoot in our family these days.

I am still here everyday because without scratching it down a bit, I literally cannot think.

But for a handful or two of days, the words here each day will be quieter ones. Everyday a handful of lines, a photo of beauty found in the midst, or an archived post that I need to revisit… A few moments to still and center on Him. Fixing the gaze fixes.

All is really well and someday I too will write the longer story of this season of a week or two because story is the way I discover what I think and who I am. (It is a handicap: needing to live all things twice, in breath and in word, before you can really understand your life.)

So I am here with a photo and a line or two everyday…. and the longer stories gestate just a bit longer…. until there is time to let them come too.

Humbly, thank you for the gift of grace and your companionship… your prayers for our family for the next week would be a gift.

All’s grace,

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