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Where Place and Time and God Really Meet

weekends are for visiting

A Holy Experience

In the quiet and the early, I hear the knock to come slip away

and sit a long spell with Lover,

and catch up with real Wisdom

listen to the steady, sure voice of Truth,

feel the tender smile of Father, hear the timbre of His voice,

the beat of His one, passionate, never-failing heart,

the Word reviving wanderers needing rest.

Weekends are for Visiting and He’s knocking gently at the door,

Come away with Me.





May your wanderings this weekend, kind friends,

lead away to Him who loves and longs to visit,

a getaway with the only One

who really gets you.

All’s grace,

NCV Mom's Bible: God's Wisdom for Mothers God's Wisdom for a Mother's Heart: A Bible Study for Moms Mom’s Bible lies open on my nightstand, on the kitchen counter, out on the front porch rocking chair, a companion gently guiding, leading certain, God’s Word that never returns void, always filling the emptiness of me. Insightful notes, beautiful format, reflecting on mamas in the Bible. Highly recommended.

The accompanying God’s Wisdom for a Mother’s Heart: A Bible Study for Moms thoughtfully opens my ears to really hear, to linger long and let Him bind up wounds, show the Way through.

Time with Him is what time is for.

Come away with me, my fair one! 

~Song of Solomon 2:13

Photos: My Mom’s Bible out on the front porch
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