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nd when you wake up one morning and realize you’ve scratched out 2,001 posts, you think today might be the day to just curl up quiet…



But oh, can I just whisper this? That you’d share a bit of the walk with a messy, broken farm girl? Wildest grace…

I read your every note and I pray and you mentor and gird and encourage me in a thousand ways and this journey is far richer shared. Only the Lord knows if there may be another 2000 and 1 crazy little posts or not…

But today might I shyly give each and every single one of you beautiful people  (yes, you!)…

The two most powerful, life-transformng, joy-infused words I know…

Thank you.


Please know how I mean it from the bottom of my patched up, Jesus-loving heart….


All’s grace,


Friday, November 26th, 2010 | blogging, Quiet, writing