Wonder & Grace

(The real words scribbled down for this place for today are posted below this little scrap, but can I just whisper here first a thanks? A farm girl goes to bed before dinner, so tired, and the snow falls heavy and the internet goes out and I wake to the still…. and the message gets patched through to us in a quieting snowstorm….

You all made One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are find itself on #13 on the Amazon Bestseller’s list? #5 in Hot New Releases?

How God surprises! Pray with me? That He can use even the broken, imperfect words to bless those who read? Pray that He would be wondrously glorified?

Picnik collage

Such people, you all are. Buying copies for your friends, sharing the dare to joy with your friends on Facebook? (10,000 views??!! but how?) , tweeting about the book, leaving reviews. Thank you… thank you. Look what you’ve all done – all to get a message out there of the glory of God being everywhere!

It’s all Him… and for Him… and through Him. And I feel very small. Don’t know what to say. Just stammer out a thank you? I’m right hushed… laid low. When we are weakest.. He is strongest….

Soon, we’ll talk about the book in weekly videos over at DaySpring’s Book Club for One Thousand Gifts?…

But for now, I’ll slip home now from the connection of this little village, back to the quiet of the farm… to sit in the still and be small and hidden and count with you all of His gifts. Wonder at Grace… wonder with you at a God so glorious that He fills the Whole World! Pray for a world full of hands raised in adoration to Wondrous Him! Us all giving Him thanks in all things? Wouldn’t that be wondrous grace?

(And I pray you’ll join Holley & I in the post below, as we talk about words… and why we really do need them? Again, thank you!)

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 | Joy Dares, Uncategorized