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  • when perfectionism & to-do lists overwhelm

    On Wednesday, August 31 st, 2011

    Shadows of discouragement can ride up like a highway man in the night and and steal away all the silver linings. I wake on a Sunday to his cantering away. I lay in the bed a long time. The legs, the spirit, too heavy to move. The sun’s high already, the sheets warm. I make a point of not looking at my watch or the bedside clock’s hands ticking, vainly trying to nudge me out...

  • {Video Concert on the Farm}How the Poor & Rich Might find Release: The Release of a Third World Symphony

    On Tuesday, August 30 th, 2011

    So it rains the day after he leaves. The day after he walks out of the wheat field, packs his guitar into that beat up, duct-taped case and heads south again, music on his mind. But Shaun Grove’s music, his songs stay behind. Playing loud on the stereo here the next morning, the washing machine spinning and the kids all singing words by heart. Can you listen to one disk ...

  • How to Get the Most out of A Day

    On Monday, August 29 th, 2011

    It’s a scant harvest of sweet corn this year. The rains deluging in spring, then giving up it’s obsession with us come June. From my post at the stove, out the window to the south, there the Farmer bends and bowsover the cornstalks like an offering,  the only way a life can reap a harvest. The Farmer brings in cobs and the kids husk it back to kernels, to the nugg...

  • weekends are for framing

    On Saturday, August 27 th, 2011

    May all your wanderings, kindest friends, take the moments of this weekend, this window of time hanging at the end of a summer, and frame it as His art, moment upon moment – all masterpiece. :: :::: All is grace because of Christ alone, :: :: Beauty for the Weekend : Take a deep breath… go slow… Reflect on the beauty of this gallery of photos and let everyt...

  • The Real Weather Forecast for the Weekend

    On Friday, August 26 th, 2011

    He says he can feel it, the way fall’s beginning to blow in, the sky all undecided. She stands at the sink, elbow deep in suds and steel pots, while he tells her about weather. Tells her about patterns and forecasts and radars and frontal systems. The Farmer follows the sky the way some men follow sports. Staying up late, following the ways of God… She scrubs potato...

  • when God’s calling you

    On Thursday, August 25 th, 2011

    When Malakai’s afraid, he chews on his bottom lip like his grandmother. And there’s no getting around it: He looks like a caged coon up there in the pew before the piano — biting at his lip, hands fidgeting. He looks like he’s already flung ahead in his mind to the part of this piano adjudication nightmare where his fingers tangle on the piano keys and ...

  • Free Christian Women’s Conference: Will you join us?

    On Thursday, August 25 th, 2011

    Wouldn’t it be wild grace to gather together? Us — all of us? You and I and the great friend down the street and that dear mentor from your fellowship and an old high school friend? And you wouldn’t have to get on a plane or leave family, that it would be as freely beautiful as connecting on a front porch. My beautiful friend, Lysa TerKeurst dreamed up the s...

  • when you’re broken

    On Wednesday, August 24 th, 2011

    Christ comes to us in the only way any of us can recognize — with a body right broken. Who of us isn’t busted? On a Sunday, the pastor breaks the loaves, three of them, are broken right down the center. Lays them white faced on silver platters, then takes them in hand and turns to us the congregants — the farmers and grandmothers, the wives and the truc...

  • So all is grace?

    On Tuesday, August 23 rd, 2011

    So Shaun Groves drove up the gravel lane here last night. We heaped mashed potatoes and roasted herbed ham and fresh sweet corn from the garden onto his plate. The Farmer made him ice cream. And the boys wore him down with jokes and dares to slip down their little backyard zipline and after we all laughed too hard and then held hands and prayed, we sent him to bed with promi...

  • how to build your house to stand

    On Monday, August 22 nd, 2011

    God doesn’t need us to praise Him but He needs us to praise. What else keeps us from bitterness? Down by the water’s edge, the boys build a sand castle.   Caleb wields his shovel like a man with a back built for trenches, for getting to the bottom of things. Sand sprays and he piles. The summer I got meningitis, I’d laid on a blanket, still, and he had ran ...

  • weekends are for spreading out a quilt

    On Saturday, August 20 th, 2011

    May all your wanderings this weekend, kindest friends, smooth out the little rough patches found here and there into one spread of simple celebration of here and now. :: :::: All is grace because of Christ alone, :: :: Find a quiet spot — even in your heart — like this, this  weekend Take a long walk this weekend: Easy, portable flower press for the walk̷...

  • Organizing Head & Heart to Homeschool

    On Friday, August 19 th, 2011

    so we begin again! ‘Education is an atmosphere.” I once wrote Charlotte Mason’s words on a chalkboard, just so I’d remember. I wanted to live in the air of that thought. Education is the atmosphere we breathe, the envelope of wonder that surrounds us, held by the gravity of our daily habits. I am scared to homeschool this year. Sometimes an atmosph...

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