when it feels like there's a storm bearing down
The Real First Thanksgiving Keep Calm & Count On {free printable}

weekends are for dessert

A Holy Experience






May all your wanderings this weekend, good friends,

taste the goodness of God and savor  long —

not wolfing anything down

because life is dessert  and worth

licking the bowl right clean.


: All is grace
because of Christ alone,



Kitchen Love for the Weekend : Really — don’t you really want to surprise everyone with these? … (And this is the pumpkin roll we served up here)

Free Printable for the Weekend : So what if you printed out these for  celebrating this week… or maybe this whole co-ordinating series including the recipe card? Prepare to decorate a feast table with this kit?   And everyday is always a day to live out thanks!

True Beauty for the Weekend : a poem by John Piper with breathtaking photographs (download this book (PDF) giving all glory and thanks to God no matter what: The Misery of Job and the Mercy of God. Deep encouragement.  

Inspiration for the weekend : You did read this beautiful love story about marriage, yes? Don’t you have to go shopping together right now? Inspiration for your weekend, friends! 

Worship for the weekend : Just this… again and again… to do this … to taste and see that He is so good.