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What to Do in Hard Times

weekends are for soaring

A Holy Experience


M ay all your wanderings this weekend, kindest friends ….

take wing in His peace

because this is how

you fly.


: All is grace

because of Christ alone,



Beauty for the Weekend : On a Saturday morning… wander through the 20 most beautiful bookstores? …. and how many of these have you read: Greatest Books of all time as Voted by 125 authors. Time to curl up with a good book this weekend?

Creative Inspiration for the Weekend :  Looking for an alternatives to Picnik?

Love for the Weekend : With the kids, make up sweet bags of Valentine Confetti and then print out the tags? Find one or two people to cheer up with a little gift bag of the popcorn confetti?

Or better yet — begin planning your Valentine’s evening with him: print out this Crazy Fun and Complete Cozy Night In package (and if you don’t do movies like us here on the farm, then substitute the movie with a game of scrabbles? Or reading aloud to each other?) Make some plans!

Free Printable for the Weekend : Here’s one for the fridge this week

Make a Memory on the Weekend : Easy memory with the kids — a little Valentine Potato Stamp fun?

Clean for the Weekend: Get those impossible, old stains out of the carpet with this cleaner (really!) and then frame up this little free printable stain removal guide?

Heart Strengthening for the Weekend :  How to live The Un-Wasted Life … Francis Schaeffer and this truth: “Faith is not intelligent understanding, faith is deliberate commitment to a Person where I see no way.” ― Oswald Chambers

And then linger long with this Prayer for Drawing Strength from Our God … linger long.

Worship for the weekend : Praise to the Lord Almighty with Mr. Ortega… go ahead — sing it aloud – a few glorious times – what God’s people have sung through the generations….

Joy in Him, friends! Happy Grace Days!