What Happens if You Really Believe... {Come to the Farm on Friday: Sermon on the Mount Video with hens}
If You've Been Looking for a Sign

wkends are to be outstanding in your field

A Holy Experience


For walking out the door

to go stand out in some field

to startle at the momentousness

of sky and grass and breath in your lung

right now…


Blessings on your out-standing weekend, friends!

All’s grace because of Christ alone,


Beauty on the Weekend … scroll through {on the right} 102 Magnificent photos of God’s World. What a global jaunt of beauty! Marvel! And pray for this globe!

Creative Inspiration for the Weekend : Are you leaving out your little creative journal this weekend — a little Moleskine perhaps? Ah, the inspiration here!  {You’re making happy time everyday to be creative, yes?}

Kitchen Love for the Weekend : Quick! Grab a pencil and put these on your grocery list (It’ll just take a minute — do it right now!) 100 Healthy Snack Ideas  and these: 44 Healthy Foods for under $1 (we don’t eat all of these, but still encouraging!)

Free Printable for the Weekend : Just this week, hang this one or this one for the fridge …. because you or somebody who wanders through has to know the real wonder of this… Someone in your home needs to know these truths in their bones

Green on the Weekend : Best Perennials for your Garden and the best value plants for your garden

Kid Fun on the Weekend : Thinking even big kids might like this ? Of what if we all go for a walk and dreamed up something creative like this? — what fun are you planning this weekend?

Clean on the Weekend Now isn’t this motivating?

Heart for the Weekend: While your cleaning, take a mini-marriage enrichment courseTaking Your Marriage Pulse: Six Questions — just jot these down right now. How could you weave these questions through your weekend?

Gifts for the Weekend :  My favorite Mother’s Day gift ever —  the kids and the Farmer did it all by themselves (the most inexpensive and most heart treasured gift! Another free tutorial here) {And if you are looking for a gift for your own beautiful Mama? Lifeway‘s let me know that  it’s offering One Thousand Gifts at half price as a Mother’s Day gift feature, if that helps anyone? To make some heart space for real Joy…}

Joy on the Weekend: My wonderful friend, Liz Curtis Higgs, sang a bit of this song to me last week and I just had to share it with you! The kids here all think it’s wonderfully fun!  Enjoy the Righteous Ruth Rap!

Worship for the weekend : Where I find myself again this weekend

May grace and truth surprise you all over again this weekend, friends…