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weekends are for fathers


Creative Inspiration for the Weekend : oh, how about this for some happy photo fun this weekend?  {You’re making happy time everyday to be creative, yes?}

Kitchen Love for the Weekend:  Just for Dad: Saturday night put everything in the slow cooker — and wake up a sausage breakfast all ready for Dad?

Free Printable for the Weekend :  20 Fun ways to Celebrate Dads! … and if a dad you know likes A&W like the Farmer does? (or the tag for a soda pop) Or a sweet tooth — a whole basket of these. And a shirt pocket card for a gift certificate? Perfect free printables  to make a fun gift!

Make a Memory on the Weekend :  What if you did something really amazing like this for Dad? Number the envelopes for how many years old you are — and write out one memory for each year? Or make it collective — with all the siblings and grandkids joining in too? A memory Dad may never forget?

Clean on the Weekend : Steps to an organized car  and How to Really Detail a Car — a great gift for Dad this weekend?

Worship for the weekend :   Come to Me  … Isn’t this beautiful — our Father calling us to come to Him?  The song — the truth of it. Singing it with you this weekend, friends…

May the grace and truth of our Father surprise you all over again this weekend, friends…

Saturday, June 16th, 2012 | Link Wanderings, Weekends