weekends are for quiet waiting



Creative Inspiration for the Weekend :  Make your own Scripture Art this weekend with the kids… Beautiful! {You are living these 7 Habits of Creativity and making happy time everyday to be creative, yes?}

Easy Kitchen Love for the Weekend : These no bake granola bars — ridiculously easy and perfect snack for summer (don’t have to turn on the stove!) Serve with watermelon cut out with cookie cutters! 

Organization for the Weekend : Just. This. Organization. Tip.  — Really. (Ah, I wish I had thought of this sooner!)

Camping for the Weekend : We always camp out on the back lawn … so these 10 Activities for Fun Backyard Camping … and then these 25 Delicious Campout Recipes

Perspective for the Weekend:  As people pray for Colorado and discuss the nature of evil…. please read this. A first person account of the Aurora theater shooting. Don’t miss this.

Mama Encouragement for the Weekend :   Looking for a Mentor? Sally Clarkson — who has written some of the very best mothering books I have ever read — is offering a 40 minute mentoring session… and some very encouraging words for mamas in the glorious trenches…

Make a Memory on the Weekend :  50 Fun Things to Do on a Trampoline

Truth on the Weekend :   Don’t say No. Oh. Yes.

Prayers on the Weekend : Print this out — and pray these 31 Biblical Virtues for your kids. I’m joining you!

Worship for the weekend :     Amazing Love how can it be? And we know it’s true…. singing with you…

May the grace and truth of our Father surprise you all over again this weekend, friends…

Saturday, July 21st, 2012 | Link Wanderings, Weekends