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3 lines that are lifelines in any storm

A Holy Experience

And on the morning after the brunt of the hurricane, it comes down to just three.

Those three that Jonathan Edwards said one had to know about real Christian joy, that no wind should ever tear away from the knowing.

And I look out the kitchen window at the corn still standing and I take and make the old preacher’s words real simple and I murmur it quiet, like a song, like a refrain to sing straight into wind:

Your griefs will turn out for your ultimate good.

Your great things can never be grabbed away from you.

The Greatest is still to come.

And the wind keeps blowing, and I keep singing these three lines like a lifeline, and what else is there always but these?

The corn, it keeps standing straight sure.


And we’re quietly excited to rearrange the furniture for you in this corner of the internet tonight to make right here a peace refuge for you — and to share something special we’ve been praying over just for you. Lord willing, tomorrow! We’ll have a pot of tea on… the kettle song-whistling just these three lines…This is Day 30 of the whole Crazy Joy seriesand coming tomorrow — an invitation to truly fly!