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The Right Question to Ask on Your Hard Days . . . and the Answer

Your Mid-Morning Espresso Break: #HappySecretComing

A Holy Experience





So — like that time? Like when we only told our friends we were expecting just 3 weeks before we became parents?

Only this time — we waited till….

Well — this happy secret that we’ve been working quietly away on is not like that at all — but sorta like that, kind of?

Not like that, but like that? (!!!)

So — while we just unwrap the last little bit of this secret (!!!!) that we have dreamed and prayed and created for you and your family (!!!!) —

could I pour you a cup of tea? coffee? ice-tea? water? And we could quietly turn on Haven Today Radio with Charles Morris where Charles and I are laughing and being deeply refreshed and you and I could both just breathe deep together for a moment?

Your free, anywhere-you-are encouragement today.

Or listen in during lunch or driving or folding laundry the today?  (I’ll keep the coffee hot for you) — (if you missed Part One yesterday?)

#StayTuned  #HappySecretComing