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  • How to Be Beautiful & Have a Beautiful Home & Life

    On Friday, June 28 th, 2013
    Idon’t know how to say anything after Africa’s red earth has burned into the soles of your feet, except to try to say it hot. All these words are a drum that make feet hardly even tap. But what if you could find a beat that made fireballs fall and hearts catch flame and we
  • How to feel at home in your house and your skin

    On Wednesday, June 05 th, 2013
    I’ve slept on this woman‘s couch. Tickled her boys, prayed hard with her at 2 am, served rice with her to a line of kids who live in the Guatemala City Dump. This woman does the most important thing well: she loves. Jesus and women and mamas and dreamers and future men and babies and
  • How to Make a Home

    On Thursday, April 11 th, 2013
    Sometimes in the middle of the night, her hip would graze his and his arm would find her waist and she would lay awake in the middle of their life. She didn’t know what would come next and how it all would unfold, but that new mercies always would. He made it simple. Raising, teaching,
  • How to Be the Parent You Want to Be: 40 Things Every Child Must Know Before They Leave Home

    On Friday, January 11 th, 2013
    Dear Son — You have to know how your unfolding from me was a miracle. That’s the miraculous thing about miracles – they really do happen. How is it in this crazy, holy world does a girl-woman bear a boy-child? How does she raise a squalling boy-child into a man? What can a woman know
  • when you’re somehow missing your true homeland

    On Monday, July 02 nd, 2012
    After such a week as last week, I’m feeling very small and quiet and I’ve slipped away to the woods with the Farmer and kids. We are resting in Him, letting Him revive us deep, laughing together and tasting and knowing it again — the goodness of God.  So while the cat’s away, the mice
  • Why Be Crazy Enough to Homeschool?

    On Friday, March 30 th, 2012
    Why be crazy enough to homeschool? So a series of questions land in the inbox for a print article on homeschooling, asking how a Christian family makes educational choices for their family? {Why would anyone really be crazy enough to homeshool?}… And I smile and nod… and tentatively, prayerfully, attempt to meander through some of
  • A Prayer for Your Home

    On Thursday, February 16 th, 2012
    Bless this nest, Lord, of fragile things, encircling the breakable and broken in grace, in the ever warmth of Your wing, in the sheltering shadow of Your face, us the clinging ones, You our clutch of hope, singing to us the song of home.     Resource: Bless Our Nest
  • Seven Ways to Keep Your Home Strong

    On Wednesday, January 18 th, 2012
    I sort darks from the lights. Rifle through soul laundry. The swoop, the motion, the quiet aloneness, lending itself to the inner washing. Again, the return always to this: “It is written,” he said to them, ” ‘My house will be a house of prayer‘” (Luke 19:46). Christ dwells in the houses of prayer. I
  • Organizing Head & Heart to Homeschool

    On Friday, August 19 th, 2011
    so we begin again! ‘Education is an atmosphere.” I once wrote Charlotte Mason’s words on a chalkboard, just so I’d remember. I wanted to live in the air of that thought. Education is the atmosphere we breathe, the envelope of wonder that surrounds us, held by the gravity of our daily habits. I am scared
  • whenever you are far from home

    On Friday, April 29 th, 2011
    Ifind a bit of blue sky wrapped in a nest. And wherever you are when you catch glimpses of heaven, you are home.   ~Notes long from home, in Portland at the Q conference :: :: Lord, you have been our dwelling place… ~Ps. 90:1 :: :: ::
  • When You’re Hurting and Looking for Home

    On Tuesday, March 22 nd, 2011
    Latest afternoon, earliest of evening, and the last slipping light of winter threads in the window of the shop. It falls on the Farmer like a medal, gold glory. He’s greasing fittings on tractors, the Ford, the Case International, the John Deere. I’m just there. We share space and light and time with no words. I
  • What Happy Homemakers Know

    On Friday, March 11 th, 2011
    A blue jay sits in the spruce boughs. The washing machine hums as it scales Mount Washmore. A half dozen boisterous kids play dominoes and cut paper and sew material and clack the long needles. I’m standing in the kitchen with the dishes stacked and the floors fallen and scattered and all the world on
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