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  • When You Want to Turn Your Life Around

    On Monday, February 27 th, 2012
    It’s after I cut the squash right open. The two halves split and quartered there on the cutting board. After the paint brushes are washed out, after the pawns of chess game are all returned to their squares, after the potatoes are baked and served, the dinner plates are pushed back empty. He splits the
  • What God means to Make of Your Stress

    On Monday, February 20 th, 2012
    There were guitars this weekend. There were guitars and a hymn and there were voices rising and raised hands, and who could help it? Were the whole realm of nature mine, even this, the raised hands, the bowed head, the murmuring of thanks — it would be an offering far too small. I had thought
  • Why it’s Time to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

    On Monday, February 13 th, 2012
    I hear it on Sunday, thinking the preacher’s looking straight at me. Me trying to look away: “When God moves us out of our comfort zone —- into places that are way bigger than us, places that are difficult, hard, painful —- that even hurt — this is a gift. We are being given a
  • What to Do in Hard Times

    On Monday, February 06 th, 2012
    I would wonder later if I had hugged him tight enough before he left. I would put in laundry and wonder when I’d wash his again. Wonder if that plane would get him the 16,000 kilometers home again, across the jungle, an ocean, the mountains, the prairie, wonder if he’d ever find his way back
  • How to Be a Great Thinker

    On Monday, January 30 th, 2012
    When the rope pulls tight, Levi holds on  — and it looks like happy wonder might right split him. The kid, he’s all snow-caked — all celebration. He’s making me grin: Life could be like that — the falling down part of the celebrating of the fully living. He’s making me the child —  the
  • Why You Really Need to Think About Losing (Because This is how You Win)

    On Monday, January 23 rd, 2012
    In the middle of a stiff winter wind, she asks to go to the beach. That’s where she says she wants to celebrate the turning of her calendar year. To stand on the frozen snow and turn her face directly into whatever is coming this way. We’re the only ones there. Nothing can mean nothing,
  • What’s the Answer to Anxiety?

    On Monday, January 16 th, 2012
    There are birds at the feeders, chickadees. They flit nervous. I watch the light in the trees, the way it falls across the walls. Across the calendar and to-do lists and I try to remember to breathe. John Calvin and I remember the year we were four. The year I was four, my sister was
  • Of Kathie Lee & One Thousand Gifts & Favorite Things

    On Tuesday, January 10 th, 2012
    There are days when one feels hushed and small. Like when the gracious Kathie Lee Gifford holds up a bit of your heart on the Today Show and says it’s one of her favorite things. {Consider pausing music by clicking the slider directly under the header? If reading in a reader or via email, click
  • Because Saying Thank-You Can Change the World

    On Monday, January 09 th, 2012
    Sometimes the best way to receive a gift is to give it away. Because the only things we really have — are the things we hand over. On a Monday morning in January, I get up and have a glass of clean water and think about a man I met who lives outside a dump. How
  • The 1 Habit Your New Year Can’t Do Without: {Giveaway}

    On Thursday, January 05 th, 2012
    ‘Anail is driven out by another nail; habit is overcome by habit.” ~ Erasmus It’s only the 4th day of the New Year, when this woman cups my face in her hands and draws me right close to just say it. “It’s changed my life.” I’ve been trying to shake it for days, as I
  • What the New Year Needs Most

    On Monday, January 02 nd, 2012
    When I wake up terrified on the first morning of the New Year, he’s shaving in front of the mirror. “Afraid? Why?” He shakes the razor over the sink. The rain’s falling hard on the windows, like this washing away of everything before. “If you count each “Fear Not” in Scripture, there’s apparently 366 —
  • 3 Gifts You Really Need to Open Right Now: Love Comes Down {video}

    On Monday, December 19 th, 2011
    Come to the manger… and find the Cross in Christmas. Will you open your present early this year? Our gift to you… Scroll to double bar PAUSE symbol, located above the date, and pause the background music. Then, click PLAY button on the video & begin to open your gifts! If you can’t view the
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