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  • How to Know God’s Will for Your Life: The Art of Fully Living [Giveaway for DSLR Camera]

    On Wednesday, January 08 th, 2014

    When you are a musician and you stop counting — it’s like running around in the forest in the dark without a flashlight. That’s what the piano teacher said to the kid at the keys. Without counting, keeping the rhythm of grace,  life gets a bit like smashing into trees in the dark without a flashlight. And a whole year like that? Can leave you beat up a...

  • How to Move Forward into the New Year… when you feel like you failed the last year

    On Monday, December 30 th, 2013

    How Maggie Pluim knew to ask that question, I’ll never know. Grace has it’s unending ways. True, I had told her straight up that I had no intention of showing up for the church’s annual New Year’s Eve party with Marian Brubacher’s caramel popcorn and Viola Gingerich’s raspberry punch and Mr. Vaness’ countless rounds of Dutch Blitz. R...

  • The One Way You Can Keep Opening the Presents
    [a story in photos]

    On Friday, December 27 th, 2013

    So it came and went and she didn’t get it all done. And the basement was a mess and two of the boys got into a squabble and there was no ham, only soup, and somebody slammed a door — hard. And she’d smiled thinly… and then smiled relief. The One coming to the manger, is the Messiah who assures you: It. Is. Finished. He came to d...

  • The Shortest, Surest Way to All Happiness

    On Wednesday, November 27 th, 2013

    As stoves are turned on for feasts, as thanks to God is quietly offered up to God from all over the world, as kids print out and put up their own thanksgiving trees or Christmas trees, as homes and families prepare for a season of holi-days, holy-days, and the music is turned on low in the background – from the classic, of old theologian, William Law, (1...

  • Ending the Stealing of Thanksgiving: A Parable

    On Monday, November 25 th, 2013

    So there once was this Farmer. Yeah, he could have been an electrician, a mechanic, a vet — and a story like this could have easily been about a salesman, a mother, a nurse, a teacher, a trucker because we’re all kin with stories that are kind of the same and we’re all the same kind of different. So, yeah, there once was this Farmer — and the guy knew dirt. He had dirt....

  • How to Get Through When You Want to Give Up

    On Friday, November 22 nd, 2013

    from Desiring God president, and author of Not by Sight: A Fresh Look at Old Stories of Walking by Faith,  Jon Bloom: Jon Bloom’s post last week: “Grumbling is a symptom of a myopic soul. Selfishness has caused tunnel vision and has fixated on a craving(s). Grumbling is evidence of soul-vision impairment. Gratitude is a symptom of a healthy, expansive soul. ...

  • A Whole Forest of Printable Thanksgiving Trees

    On Tuesday, November 05 th, 2013

    Your Thanks Giving Trees? Joining even the trees of the field that will clap their hands in thanks to Him!  Print out Your Own Thanks Giving Tree? {We’d love to see your Thanks Giving tree? Share your Thanksgiving Tree with us on twitter? (@annvoskamp #1000gifts) Instagram? (@annvoskamp #1000gifts)  or over in our Gratitude to God Facebook community? }    ...

  • Why Thanksgiving is Subversive {and How to Have the Best Thanksgiving Yet}

    On Monday, November 04 th, 2013

    Mama can kick leaves in the woods like she’s tearing back the crumpled paper wrapped over the surface of things. She walks with a stick. She dragged it out from under some maple saplings. And then she pins that trail under her right down. Like there’s no loud and flippant way she’s letting anything make her miss the now right under her, no way that that now could just up ...

  • What Everyone Wants More Than Anything Else:
    Let the Blessing Revolution Begin

    On Monday, October 28 th, 2013

    So the boy flicks on the light at 4:30 am and whispers it ridiculously loud, “Mom? Apple Crumble? Am I going to get apple crumble before I go or not?” Yeah, sure thing. Apple crumble at 4:30 am. Definitely, boy. I’m on it. Because that was the deal and I was the one who lost the deal, so c’mon, roll like a barrel over the Falls and get yourself outta bed, girl. ...

  • If you Need a Therapy that Really Calms the Heart

    On Thursday, October 24 th, 2013

    The man with the wife who wouldn’t leave her house anymore, he’d told me there was only so much that he could take. I had no idea what to say to that. Sometimes words can’t resuscitate like silence can. So I’d nodded. And I hoped he heard my wordlessness pounding hard on heaven’s door for him, pounding hard on lungs to just inhale a bit of hope, an...

  • Only the Good Stuff: Sharing Him

    On Saturday, October 05 th, 2013

    Missing Him — cancelled plans help those in need Missing Him — and living A Love Story like this? Is a way of walking with Him Missing Him — and finding His grace when doing Hard things Missing Him —  and receiving more when giving everything away Missing Him — and finding my calling when creating for His glory {Consider turning o...

  • Missing Him: 31 Days of Calling on Jesus

    On Tuesday, October 01 st, 2013

    Sometimes you miss home. Even when you’re home. Sometimes you miss Him. Even when He’s everywhere. And your heart hurts a bit for more… and homesickness aches some days at the edges … and you’re tired of Missing Him. Missing Him in the hurry that hurts, missing Him in the blur that blinds, missing Him in the noise that drowns. What if there were ...

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