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  • A Whole Forest of Printable Thanksgiving Trees

    On Tuesday, November 05 th, 2013
    Your Thanks Giving Trees? Joining even the trees of the field that will clap their hands in thanks to Him!  Print out Your Own Thanks Giving Tree?  (Spanish Edition here) {We’d love to see your Thanks Giving tree? Share your Thanksgiving Tree with us on twitter? (@annvoskamp #1000gifts) Instagram? (@annvoskamp #1000gifts)  or over in our
  • Why Thanksgiving is Subversive {and How to Have the Best Thanksgiving Yet}

    On Monday, November 04 th, 2013
    Mama can kick leaves in the woods like she’s tearing back the crumpled paper wrapped over the surface of things. She walks with a stick. She dragged it out from under some maple saplings. And then she pins that trail under her right down. Like there’s no loud and flippant way she’s letting anything make
  • What Everyone Wants More Than Anything Else:
    Let the Blessing Revolution Begin

    On Monday, October 28 th, 2013
    So the boy flicks on the light at 4:30 am and whispers it ridiculously loud, “Mom? Apple Crumble? Am I going to get apple crumble before I go or not?” Yeah, sure thing. Apple crumble at 4:30 am. Definitely, boy. I’m on it. Because that was the deal and I was the one who lost
  • If you Need a Therapy that Really Calms the Heart

    On Thursday, October 24 th, 2013
    The man with the wife who wouldn’t leave her house anymore, he’d told me there was only so much that he could take. I had no idea what to say to that. Sometimes words can’t resuscitate like silence can. So I’d nodded. And I hoped he heard my wordlessness pounding hard on heaven’s door for
  • Only the Good Stuff: Sharing Him

    On Saturday, October 05 th, 2013
    Missing Him — cancelled plans help those in need Missing Him — and living A Love Story like this? Is a way of walking with Him Missing Him — and finding His grace when doing Hard things Missing Him —  and receiving more when giving everything away Missing Him — and finding my calling when creating
  • Missing Him: 31 Days of Calling on Jesus

    On Tuesday, October 01 st, 2013
    Sometimes you miss home. Even when you’re home. Sometimes you miss Him. Even when He’s everywhere. And your heart hurts a bit for more… and homesickness aches some days at the edges … and you’re tired of Missing Him. Missing Him in the hurry that hurts, missing Him in the blur that blinds, missing Him
  • The Key to Staying Sane in Spinning World

    On Monday, September 23 rd, 2013
    So there’s a poor reason why they call ‘em spin doctors. You know, how the newspapers and airwaves are loud with them, PR guys winding journalists and the news up, spinning some yarn, some twist on this regulation, about that siege, this regime, those rebels and my heart twists, wrung out and weak. Sometimes I
  • One to Put on Repeat For All of Our Days …
    (or like One Thousand Gifts set to music)

    On Tuesday, September 17 th, 2013
      Yeah … exactly what he said:     {consider pausing music player in bottom left margin? and RSS readers may listen here}  {The title track from Matt Redman’s newest release: Your Grace Finds Me}   And the real mystery of grace is that it always arrives in time. Like the wind, grace finds us wherever
  • How to Figure the Equation of a Good Week, a Good Life

    On Monday, September 16 th, 2013
    The hour drive it takes to get to the lake on a Sunday afternoon, I think of the Sunday morning sermon. The preacher was preaching pure gospel, how to be born again. 25 years he’s been preaching it in our little country chapel, to the hog farmers, the corn-croppers, the mothers with babies in arms.
  • How to Live Through the Hard Weeks

    On Monday, September 09 th, 2013
    Sometimes, even right before it really begins, you know how the week’s going to go. I look in the mirror early on a Monday morning, the bedhead looking more like a monsterhead, and I look right into that water-splattered mirror. And tell the woman looking back at me how the next seven days are likely
  • 3 Ways: How to Find & Fight for Joy

    On Wednesday, September 04 th, 2013
    So yeah… in which the neck breaks out in nervous blotches. And the make-up artist keeps insisting you need a little more and you keep smiling weakly and say no, really, no more, that’s good… And in actual fact you are at home with bad hair, a whole passel of kids and a full sink
  • Your Mid-Morning Espresso Break: #HappySecretComing

    On Tuesday, August 27 th, 2013
      So — like that time? Like when we only told our friends we were expecting just 3 weeks before we became parents? Only this time — we waited till…. Well — this happy secret that we’ve been working quietly away on is not like that at all — but sorta like that, kind of?
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