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  • If you Need a Therapy that Really Calms the Heart

    On Thursday, October 24 th, 2013
    The man with the wife who wouldn’t leave her house anymore, he’d told me there was only so much that he could take. I had no idea what to say to that. Sometimes words can’t resuscitate like silence can. So I’d nodded. And I hoped he heard my wordlessness pounding hard on heaven’s door for
  • How to Have the Best Holiday Season? Your Turn

    On Tuesday, November 20 th, 2012
      Praying His astonishing joy for each of you… Walking with you and kneeling long and thanking you for grace.  Your turn is always waiting here  or here for whenever you’d like to share your God-story: We’re all ears and heart and prayer and believing He’s just waiting to lavish you with joy. in. Him.  Resources for
  • A {Christian} Family Thanksgiving Activity: The Thanks Giving Tree {Free Printable}

    On Wednesday, November 07 th, 2012
    Leaves aren’t ever purely green and not everything is as it seems. The kids and I walk through the orchard and November. That’s what I tell the kids. That all summer, the chlorophyll of the leaf, all that green, absorbs the sun and releases food and it this cycle of chlorophyll that cloaks the leaves’
  • Why the Chicken Really Crossed the Road… And Other Important Things {Crazy Joy: 11}

    On Thursday, October 11 th, 2012
    On the day that the chickens just up and crossed the road without their motives being questioned at all, the whole crazy grace of everything just stretched, down the backroads and sideroads and gravel roads, and really, the joy is in the journey because the moments build the destination. Leaves fell soundless. A team of clydesdales hauled the
  • The Best Way to Handle Hunger Cravings {The Pumpkin Cannon Edition: Fridays on the Farm}

    On Friday, September 28 th, 2012
    The men brought the pumpkin cannon. And all the church ladies brought pie, 160 pies. We made peach. And my brother rolled out of bed in the 2 am dark to begin the pig roast under stars. By 4 in the afternoon, when the sky’s sculling billowy and hope-full, we were ready. And this community
  • Real Secret to Effective Time Management

    On Tuesday, November 01 st, 2011
    In the silent times : seek God In the painful times : praise God In the harried times : hallow God and in the terrible times : trust God. And at all times — at all times – Thank God.   :: :: ::
  • when you open your hands to what is

    On Monday, October 31 st, 2011
    It falls unexpected in October. A snow white whisper hushing the trees burnt all red. She stands at the window and I watch it fall behind her, her at the glass and the flakes so soundless, heaven on white wing. And I don’t expect it, in a room full of women and flashing laughter, the
  • before you get to walk on water…

    On Thursday, September 01 st, 2011
    Sometimes you just have to get into the boat. Because getting into the boat comes before you get to walk on water. Every miracle always begins with the first ordinary step of faithfulness. So I clap as they launch and they grin, us at this edge of beginning. I watch three brothers get into a
  • weekends are for the light-seeking

    On Saturday, November 14 th, 2009
    The way Your light dances, the way it plays the strings of the woods the chambers of this heart, who cannot believe in the realest, purest magic, that sang the world into being that sings of the crystal streets and a coming mansion in the sky? May your weekend wanderings, kind friends, lead you into
  • How do Christians Seek Beauty?

    On Friday, November 06 th, 2009
    The cold came for the color, drained summer brown, and the furniture vases, they’re open mouths, waiting for petals and I go looking for beauty in November. And when I fill them with tassels of broom corn from the garden, stalks grown from heritage seeds of the Shakers at Pleasant Hill, I trim each woody
  • Making of Art

    On Thursday, October 22 nd, 2009
    thoughts from Wendell Berry… We had two friends, Harlan and Anna Hubbard, who had a little income from renting out Harlan’s mother’s house after she died. I think that was all the regular income they had. Harlan painted and wrote, and he and Anna played music every day. They lived, as Harlan put it, “on
  • Slow Down: A Primer

    On Tuesday, October 13 th, 2009
    I wake on a Tuesday, the one after Thanksgiving, and think its time to let the world take the passing lane, the fast lane, to hurry on to its places and people. I’m slowing and quieting, pulling off to the shoulder, cutting the engine and just listening, just looking. Just slowing down. The journey is
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