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  • The 1 Thing You Have Got to Know… When You are Looking for Answers

    On Monday, July 30 th, 2012

    The day our 6th child is born, a straight line wind rips through and tears trees in the woods straight out of the ground. We name the baby born in a storm, we name her Shalom. Her name means peace in Hebrew. We name her Shalom and she is born the day a storm mangles all our countryside, tears the roofs off a half a dozen barns, and Shalom means wholeness – and what if she ne...

  • The Light We Need to See Everyone In

    On Friday, July 27 th, 2012

    Been praying this week for Amber and Seth Haines and their little Titus. I’ve been memorizing Sermon on the Mount, all of Matthew 5-7, with these earnest folks (and a whole community of memorizers!), and God’s got us on a journey.  Seth, a lawyer, a mighty fine writer, good husband and praying father to four future men — he guest posts here with a few needful...

  • How to Pray {Friday on the Farm}

    On Friday, June 22 nd, 2012

    She prayed and she worked and the prayers were the work that would outlast fire. And that is what she thought, there at the window with the cloth in her hand. Pray with eyes on Christ and not on the crisis. Because when you pray with eyes on Christ and not on the crisis — your prayers are always answered: He edifies, He embraces, He is enough.  What would it...

  • When You need Rest …. {Fridays on the Farm}

    On Friday, June 08 th, 2012

    When it grows loud in the corners of everything and the walls of the soul quake just a bit, I go and sit in the soil where the corn grows by His certain goodness and right out of the earth. Where the children run in their bare feet and bend to know leaves. I come into the stillness of the praising things and feel the sun on the nape and I come to breathe deep again, t...

  • 3 Things to Hold on to When Life Hurts {Cherry Blossoms in Rain}

    On Wednesday, April 25 th, 2012

    S he learned it haltingly in early spring, when the rain fell. When the edge of Japan washed away. When the sky slid down all the window panes. And a Sunday in spring, when a tornado sky rips up the earth, leaving this fury of questions, she plays on, the same song. Now surer, steadier. I stand at the windowsill. It still rains. The tomatoes plants try to stand in west winds, ...

  • Top Time Management Secrets to Know

    On Thursday, April 19 th, 2012

    ‘God gives us time. But who has time for God? This may not make  any good sense. A well-known pastor, he was was once asked what was his most profound regret in life? “Being in a hurry.” That is what he said. “Getting to the next thing without fully entering the thing in front of me. I cannot think of a single advantage I’ve ever gaine...

  • when you are looking for His steadying hand

    On Thursday, March 29 th, 2012

    That is what came at the end. At the end of the day, after the pots soaked in the sink and the books and the remnants of the day stacked high in baskets. After she washed the eggs and threaded that needle for her mama doing up mending. After the raucous and rowdy finally stilled and the pansies drowsed heavy out under that Big  Dipper swinging high. That is...

  • Why Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    On Monday, March 05 th, 2012

    Do not let anything keep you – not anything — from flinging out of that sagging comfort zone, and right into the streets, eyes and mouth full of His wonder, to pant it in the marketplace the back alleys, the front fields, across the crackling wires   that you have seen Him, yes — you have seen the light — and with these very eyes, and you h...

  • For the Hard Days {& real weather forecasts}

    On Thursday, February 02 nd, 2012

    We’re not sure exactly who walked across the boy’s bedroom carpet with green paint on their heel. There is an Everest pile of laundry to be folded in the mudroom and another 3 to be washed and kids are making wigs and mustaches with yarn and the oven is begging me to come clean it. I may or may not acquiesce. I am not sure who keeps peeling out of snow-sogg...

  • what to cling to on the days you’re drowning

    On Tuesday, January 24 th, 2012

    I ‘m tired and worn by noon when I sit there beside him and he peels back the skin of his orange in the light. He does this everyday after noon meal and he does it slow. I feel slow and there are kids and lessons and laundry and everything else. I’m trying to hold on. The curve of the peel, it cleaves to the sweet, and it’s the skin of the thing that he holds...

  • A {Nutcracker} Birthday Party

    On Thursday, January 19 th, 2012

    On her second birthday, she awoke to balloons and a baby brother. She’s happily shared the cake ever since. But this year, as she approached her 13th, just before Christmas, and that little brother, Levi,  asked for lazer tag for the big shared day and his three brothers cheered rowdy, she did wince a bit. And whispered in my ear if we couldn’t make cookies and fin...

  • when sickness knocks quiet…

    On Tuesday, January 17 th, 2012

    When we meet an ill moment with a surrendered smile, it loses some of its sting. I bring her a cup with a prayer and she takes it up and her eyes light and nod. And too, a little tray of beauty, a cool cloth, a few favorite things, and a bud in a vase. Perhaps this is the art of medicine, to create loveliness in the midst so love can do certain healing, regardless. Sickne...

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