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  • Why Your Heart Really Needs The Practice of Pondering

    On Friday, June 20 th, 2014
    I met the art who is Jean Fleming several years ago in a blizzard in Colorado. The retreat we were both scheduled to speak at was cancelled because of the flurry quarter-sized flakes —  so her and I watched the snow fall all weekend, heart sisters bound together over a deep love for Jesus. A
  • The One Thing You Absolutely Must Get Rid of Today: #LetGoOfTheLie

    On Tuesday, March 18 th, 2014
    They say you gotta live free. But when my Uncle Paul started chasing me through the house with that snake when I was four? I found out you could live mostly with eyes just bugging out of your head, the lying fears strangling you right there at your thinning neck. Sure, he didn’t mean anything
  • How to Live when Life Just Hurts [#TheJesusProject3]

    On Thursday, January 30 th, 2014
    The logic took on skin. The Logos, the Logic, the Word, the Lord, moved right into the neighbourhood, moved right on into the house. What are the chances that He’d get right up under my skin? An old girl can hope? Pray? Both. Both would be good. They say a bunch of them have seen
  • When You Need to Know God’s There

    On Friday, October 04 th, 2013
    Missing Him, Finding Him: Day 4 Thanks to our God who can and does and will redeem everything… all is grace.   Quietly resting in HIM today: During the days of Jesus’ life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with fervent cries and tears to the one who could save him from death, and he was
  • How to Make a Home

    On Thursday, April 11 th, 2013
    Sometimes in the middle of the night, her hip would graze his and his arm would find her waist and she would lay awake in the middle of their life. She didn’t know what would come next and how it all would unfold, but that new mercies always would. He made it simple. Raising, teaching,
  • How to Get through Life’s Hard Parts (Video)

    On Friday, April 05 th, 2013
    When the notes keep coming out all wrong, Hope looks up from the piano. “Is that what she said? Didn’t she say play only the left?” Yeah, that’s what she’d said, I had heard her — that willowy piano adjudicator who’d tucked a loose strand of mouse brown hair behind her one bending ear and
  • The Big Reveal: What Faith is, from First to Last

    On Tuesday, February 19 th, 2013
    So…(!)  since one of the kids sprained an ankle while serving here at Mission of Hope Haiti, we’ll catch up here again tomorrow with a Haiti family missions trip post, and let Liz Curtis Higgs , my heart sister who has jumped into our The Romans Project with us, slip up onto the farm porch with
  • Why Weak is the New Strong: Radical Right Where You Are {Pt4}

    On Wednesday, February 06 th, 2013
    So I fell extremely anemic in the fall. Could hardly drag out of bed, felt like jello, looked like a gaunt ghost, and got winded walking from the sink to the stove. I’d draped arms around the Farmer’s neck and told him I was sure I was right broke. So the nurse at the doctor’s
  • Even in the Bleak Midwinter, the Hope of Spring

    On Thursday, January 17 th, 2013
    So.. (!) Liz Curtis Higgs took me under her gorgeous proverbial wing last year when this knee-knocking farm girl said yes to God & sharing what He’s done in my life  at several Women of Faith events last year. We’ve become true heart sisters, praying that God would make ours beat with His. So when Liz
  • The 1 Habit God Really Wants for Your New Year {The Romans Project}

    On Friday, January 04 th, 2013
    For all of 2012? I carry around the Mount and it moves mountains. And there isn’t a bone in me that wants to come down from where He transfigures. A year of memorizing Sermon on the Mount, the 111 verses of Matthew 5, 6, and 7? Say those Blesseds for a whole year and you
  • How to Not Miss Your Real Life Calling

    On Friday, November 16 th, 2012
    When they cut the three right open and start pulling out the inner guts, there isn’t a sound in the room. They’re focused and silent and pulling at strings and ripping away at things and I wonder if I am doing any of this ridiculous thing right? Not the pumpkins — I could care less
  • when you are feeling overwhelmed…

    On Friday, June 15 th, 2012
    When a sparrow gets caught behind the couch, it’s the light at the other end, behind the poor thing, that we keep trying to turn that one pounding heart towards. Because the thing is and don’t I know it: If you’re turned the wrong way, you can’t see the light at the end of the
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