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Bible Reading

  • God Speaks the Language we Know

    On Monday, February 16 th, 2009
    I’m blow drying this mop of hair, this hair with the cowlick, so heavy and thick and full, and the dryer howls and I’m rolling the wild strands all under, glancing at the quote beside the mirror, the one with a black and white picture of a long ago mama with her laced child on
  • Communing

    On Thursday, January 08 th, 2009
    “In the 1950s, a group of mature Christian men discussed the questions: “How do we help new believers develop a relationship with God? What are the most critical and basic elements that will help them grow in their new life with Christ?” They concluded that quiet time and memorizing Bible verses were the two most
  • 2009 Happiness

    On Friday, January 02 nd, 2009
    From the book of James: “But the truly happy people are those who carefully study God’s perfect law that makes people free, and they continue to study it. They do not forget what they heard, but they obey what God’s teaching says. Those who do this will be made happy.” ~James 1:25 NCV
  • How to Eat Differently this Year

    On Friday, January 02 nd, 2009
    The sun shines in, virgin light across shimmering snow. The table floods with golden warmth, steaming porridge bowls. The day begins with sustenance. Malakai laughs, “I slurp down my toast!” A frown knits across Joshua’s brow. “We don’t slurp our toast, Kai. We chew. Slowly.” My Bible lies open on the table, beside bowl of
  • Extreme Faith

    On Monday, October 20 th, 2008
    The red sea of maples divides and we drive through on a part of dry gravel road, waves of color lapping in wind. A gust of autumn sprays brilliance. A splash of light carpets the way. We’re led through. “They say the colors are exceptionally vibrant this year.” He knows that’s what’s holding me rapt,
  • Stay in the Story

    On Friday, October 10 th, 2008
    It’s mid-morning and the cat’s taken refuge on an island of sunshine on the front porch swing. I watch her from the kitchen window. She closes eyes, curls around that warmth, her tail, now and then, waving from sunny shores. Under these undecided autumn skies, she’s found her place. It’s mid-morning and I’m struggling to
  • Become the Story

    On Thursday, October 09 th, 2008
    We feed on stories. Like children, hungry, malnourished, we starve for words. But I wasn’t thinking any of that on Saturday, kneeled in a kitchen with a Grandma wrapping rosebud stems for a corsage and a bride fixing her veil while flowergirls swirl in sunlight. They, these old family friends, had asked if I might
  • Exercises that make the most difference

    On Thursday, September 25 th, 2008
    It all may seem a bit…ridiculous. Each morning, I submit myself to this, tending my own vineyard. I voluntarily sit on the rowing machine, inhale deeply, and pull. Leg muscles drive back. Abdomen tightens. Arms pull long and hard. One stroke. Two seconds. A couple of meters. My heart rate picks up. A few calories
  • A place for everything…

    On Friday, September 12 th, 2008
    (…because several asked to see the prayer bench…it’s pretty simple…like an Ann without an e)Light’s already bleeding through at the edges when I get there. I kneel, strike a small halo at bench’s edge, and watch lights, one slight and wavering, one full and rising, seep through blackness. And in a bit, in the glowing,
  • Hearing Aid

    On Wednesday, January 30 th, 2008
    Part of this week’s prayerful focus on Listening to God Shadows slip down walls when my toes slip out too. All days are inherently good days, but better days begin when I listen early. When I listen before the hours grow old, deaf. For when I listen early, His words echo off the walls of
  • Word Melts

    On Tuesday, January 29 th, 2008
    Part of this week’s prayerful focus on Listening to God “He showers down snow, white as wool,and sprinkles hoar-frost thick as ashes;crystals of ice he scatters like breadcrumbs; He utters his word, and the ice is melted. O praise the Lord.” ~Ps. 147 Lord, fire cuts steel, Your Word melts ice. Heart can be hard.
  • Heart Burn

    On Monday, January 28 th, 2008
    Part of this week’s prayerful focus on Listening to God Fire cuts steel. I saw it as a child. I close my eyes and see it again. I stand in the shop and Dad, with singed, frayed holes splattered across his coveralls, turns on the tap of the acetylene tank. He watches the needle of
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