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  • a summer booklist: what’s up on the stack

    On Friday, June 11 th, 2010
    Some say summer smells of fresh mown grass, bouquets of pink peonies, campfire pits on still July nights… but I’ve always thought summer was heavy with the scent of adventure on pages and stacks of old books and canvas hammocks swaying to the rhythm of time-worn words. Up On the Stack and Smelling of Summer:  Raising
  • weekends are for visiting

    On Saturday, June 05 th, 2010
    In the quiet and the early, I hear the knock to come slip away and sit a long spell with Lover, and catch up with real Wisdom listen to the steady, sure voice of Truth, feel the tender smile of Father, hear the timbre of His voice, the beat of His one, passionate, never-failing heart,
  • How to Simply Homeschool: The Four Simple Cornerstones

    On Tuesday, May 18 th, 2010
    Dear fellow-mama… So. You’re thinking about homeschooling? Or you’re a weary veteran? And you wanted to know what I know? If these last ten years have taught me anything at all? About what to do, when to do it, and how to do it— simply?  Oh, friend… I’m still learning. And that is the exquisite
  • weekends are for good reads

    On Saturday, March 27 th, 2010
    When he offered to read her book to her, and her girl-pink littleness curled up next to all his big brother, near-man bigness, the most beautiful mama thing inside me broke and I saw all the years as gold. <a href=””> Widgets</a> (Click on Any of the Book Covers for more information, reviews, etc.)  
  • the best read ever

    On Wednesday, March 24 th, 2010
    You’d have thought I was reading The Dangerous Book for Boys or the like, the way he kept grinning at me as I read, looking over his shoulder and arching that eyebrow all mischevious at his brother all smirking. I think this as I read, that maybe this really is the original dangerous book for
  • weekends are for curling up with books

    On Saturday, February 06 th, 2010
    I n a quiet week of recuperation, I curled up with words and they curled around me and I wrapped up in rest. What’s been on the nightstand: Dancing with My Father: How God Leads Us into a Life of Grace and Joy The prose has a steady rhythm, yes, like a gentle beat, and
  • Rest a Moment with these Online Christmas Classic Stories

    On Tuesday, December 22 nd, 2009
    Two perfect (and free) stories to listen to or read online while the Christmas Carols play and the children string the popcorn and cranberries or the grandkids color this printable 3D nativity scene From the Christmas Library… ~Take a moment, just a moment as the house fills with song, and listen to this free audio
  • Best Books for Girls: 20 Books She Has Loved

    On Saturday, December 19 th, 2009
    Snow falls and under the knitted blanket, she reads words woven together. She reads differently than her older brother, not voraciously, but this steady, healthy diet, quiet meals of the good words. These days of the quiet hours, they make me happy too, her and the words and the snow.  Hope keeps her tidy stack
  • Best Books for a Beginning Reader

    On Thursday, December 17 th, 2009
    If you are looking for a stack of good words to light a beginner or reluctant reader on fire, these books have kindled a young lad here — perfect reading for young boys and girls taken with horses… Widgets Share your thoughts?…If you would like Holy Experience posts tucked into your inbox for free…
  • Poetry for Children: Reader Recommendations

    On Thursday, November 12 th, 2009
    … more recommendations quietly and generously slipped to the inbox…. Widgets Related: Read the first post: A Booklist of Poems for Children Share your thoughts?…Would you like Holy Experience delivered to you quietly via email?…
  • Poems We have Loved

    On Monday, October 26 th, 2009
    A kind reader slipped a note asking for a poetry title or two for children, so we pulled some favorite anthologies off our shelves…. Widgets And please, if you have a favorite anthology of poems that you have lingered long over and have loved, do share! Share your thoughts?…Would you like Holy Experience posts
  • Slow Down: for Words and Dreams

    On Friday, October 16 th, 2009
    When I light the candles for the afternoon gathering of books and blankets and baskets of read alouds, they come too with creativity, their yarn and needles, weavings and colors, paints and journals … and the hours find other time, the lungs a new air. I read the stacks, Caddie and Little Threads, and dreams
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