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  • How to Help Our Daughters Through Losses

    On Tuesday, September 16 th, 2014
    Our daughters make this holy journey into womanhood whether we prepare them for it or not. And they will likely feel losses — lose friends, favorite aunts, fathers and mothers along the way. How do we help them process what they’ve lost as they are trying to find the way into this new skin of womanhood?
  • 3 Free Tools for a Productive September
    [September 1st is the New January 1st]

    On Monday, September 01 st, 2014
    Happy September! September 1st is the new January 1st! Fresh slates and bouquets of sharpened yellow pencils blooming new possibilities. And Happy Labor Day! Traditionally, school always begins in Canada the day after Labor Day… so quieter in this web corner today,  enjoying the day as the symbolic end of the summer, as we get
  • What to Tell Your Kids About Growing Up in a Crazy World

    On Friday, August 29 th, 2014
    So Maggie Paulus heard how I had told our boy that his wooden spoon was perfect, and encouraged him to go carve a thousand of them. So, she grabbed her pen and did what I  was struggling to do — to not let anything keep me from “flinging out into the streets, eyes and mouth full
  • How to Really Send the Kids Back to School & Out into the World

    On Thursday, August 14 th, 2014
    You talk with a police officer on your last Sunday. Your last Sunday still living at home —  after the Preacher had said his Amen 10 minutes before noon, you walk up to one of the guys milling around with these smooth stones of small talk out in the chapel foyer – and you up
  • How to Get Really Living Instead of Merely Existing

    On Monday, August 04 th, 2014
    It’s like an awakening. That right in the middle of the Sunday sermon, while the pastor’s preaching what salvation really means — I can see a woman in a pew ahead of me flipping through the pages of an Avon catalogue. I can only bow my head. Because there are a thousand ways to be
  • The Secret Relief You Have to Know When You’re Overwhelmed

    On Tuesday, July 15 th, 2014
    When I first met Ginny Sheller, I felt like I’d found an old and brilliant friend.  A homeschooling mom who lives with her husband and seven children on a little old homestead in Virginia, Ginny writes and shares these wondrous photographs chronicling her family’s down-to-earth adventures at one of the best kept secrets online, Small Things.  Ginny invites knitters
  • The Pink Outfit: How to Move Beyond Just Surviving

    On Friday, July 11 th, 2014
    How many times do we find ourselves running on empty with no time for rest, no time for ourselves, no time for God? Bonnie Gray knows what that’s like. On the brink of fulfilling a lifelong dream —  she saw her plans unexpectedly shatter into a journey through painful memories, panic attacks and anxiety. In
  • What You Have to Do to Come to Peace with This Season of Your Life

    On Wednesday, July 02 nd, 2014
    When I get to sit and listen to Emily Freeman, I always feel more alive. Her luminous words hand you your rightful birthright: to be as creative as your Creator Father. Read them and exhale. Emily’s got this  way to really wow you awake to who you are meant to be. Jesus is using her to change
  • Why You Can Stop the Exhausting Work of Trying to be a SuperMom

    On Monday, June 30 th, 2014
    When one of the boys pulls off his Sunday shoes, the filthy ones ridiculously still clinging to “Sunday Shoes” status, he catches my eye and grins like he’s swallowed a canary. “So I only wore one sock to church.” What are you going to do but laugh with the grinning kid? Yeah, I am that
  • How to Have What all Our Breaking Hearts Want Most this Father’s Day

    On Friday, June 13 th, 2014
    I sat with a man once – who told me about falling in love with a woman who was most alluring not in satin but in sweats, her hair undone and falling, laughing about something long ago, her head thrown back and her neck arching bare and lovely. That he couldn’t take his eyes off
  • What Our Boys Need in This Economy Their Dads Work In

    On Monday, June 09 th, 2014
    Dear Future Men of ours: The flyers are all coming through here this week, everybody looking for something to buy for Father’s Day. I see you four boys flipping through the glossy ads about Dads. I see you four sons of ours trying to figure out how to be men, about how to live in
  • As Summer Begins: The Truth No One Tells You About ‘Having it All’

    On Monday, May 26 th, 2014
    I t was after the waves.   After the waves of contractions, after the waves of blow out diapers and wet nursing pads that leaked through the let downs and the damp spit blankets that piled high at the bedroom door. Long after the waves of colic at 3 am and the 4:30 am crying,