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  • when life leaves you with more questions than answers

    On Thursday, September 06 th, 2012
    Only a few more weeks left now. That is what the Farmer says at dinner, what he says as we clatter dishes off the table, the enamel plates all stacking and clapping for the cook. Only a few more weeks left and August will dip the beans fields bronze and the leaves will reluctantly fall
  • 10 Ways to be a Happier Mom

    On Wednesday, August 15 th, 2012
    10 Ways to be a Happier Mom   1. Life is not an emergency. Life’s a gift. Just. Slow. Down.   2. Now is not a forever grace but amazing grace. Do whatever it takes to wake to wonder right here.   3. Sometimes the slowest way is the fastest way to joy. Make time
  • 3 Ways to Be a Happier Family …… {because we all are a bit broken}

    On Monday, May 21 st, 2012
    to print photo 1 and photo 2 :: The kids laugh loud and the floors shake a bit with the stars and the laundry sprawls across the mudroom floor. I pick up pencils and socks and all these pieces that keep breaking off us and a broken world. And I remember how to smile, how the
  • Because this is the Truth about the real “Mother’s Day Card Mothers”

    On Wednesday, May 09 th, 2012
    I became a mother on the eve of Mother’s Day. And when they placed that vernix-covered, wrinkled babe into my 21-year old arms that muggy Saturday evening in May, no wave of relief, or ecstasy washed over me. Being the first to caress another human being’s cheek, I only felt raw, unadulterated, strangling terror. If
  • what to really hold onto in the glorious mess {Free Printable Mother Art}

    On Tuesday, April 17 th, 2012
    Today, a gift — a guest post from a heart-sister, whose breakfast table I’ve sat at and whose tribe of wide-eyed boys I’ve read stories aloud to and who has laughed hard with me over peanut butter frosted brownies and we have bowed together and prayed even harder. Dear Mother, This morning seems like all the
  • Why Be Crazy Enough to Homeschool?

    On Friday, March 30 th, 2012
    Why be crazy enough to homeschool? So a series of questions land in the inbox for a print article on homeschooling, asking how a Christian family makes educational choices for their family? {Why would anyone really be crazy enough to homeshool?}… And I smile and nod… and tentatively, prayerfully, attempt to meander through some of
  • A Family Christian Activity for Easter ……. Make a Grace Garden {A Visual Parable}

    On Friday, March 23 rd, 2012
    Back there in the beginning, we all fell in a garden. And Christ, He falls to the ground in the garden of Gethsemane. And He begins to right our fall. So the kids and I, we put our hands into dirt, and we remember our garden fall and His garden grace, and we make a
  • The 1 Habit More Important than Quiet Time? {Memorize the Mount: Free Sermon on the Mount Memory Booklet}

    On Wednesday, January 25 th, 2012
    Who memorizes God in the age of Google? For a week, longer, I wake with these fears choking hard. Fears pushing me into the pit. And it comes while I struggle to get out of bed, comes early as the light pries back the dark, words we’ve been committing to heart — and I murmur
  • A {Nutcracker} Birthday Party

    On Thursday, January 19 th, 2012
    On her second birthday, she awoke to balloons and a baby brother. She’s happily shared the cake ever since. But this year, as she approached her 13th, just before Christmas, and that little brother, Levi,  asked for lazer tag for the big shared day and his three brothers cheered rowdy, she did wince a bit.
  • when sickness knocks quiet…

    On Tuesday, January 17 th, 2012
    When we meet an ill moment with a surrendered smile, it loses some of its sting. I bring her a cup with a prayer and she takes it up and her eyes light and nod. And too, a little tray of beauty, a cool cloth, a few favorite things, and a bud in a vase.
  • The Way To Really Conduct A Life?

    On Tuesday, December 06 th, 2011
    It was free. And ever since that free concert for kids at the symphony, this is what Malakai’s been doing: going around wildly conducting life. A burst of hands, an exaggerated swoop, then a punctuating of thin air (the drum! the drum!). This makes him happy. He can’t stop smiling. He had leaned over to
  • A Good Plan for the Day

    On Thursday, November 17 th, 2011
    And we sit with silence — and this is could be the plan: make the scraps of quiet our handcraft, so we can craft a life. That is when it happens, her pouring a cup, and me listening to the soundlessness, just for a moment — Silence, even for a moment, it can be like
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