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  • When You Desperately Want God to Hear Your Prayers

    On Wednesday, November 02 nd, 2011

    When we buy her two pygmy goats for her birthday, who knew how big faith could get? We bring them home in June in a mini-van with no air-conditioning. Two miniature goats neighing back and forth —  on the laps of two boys making jokes about something warm running down their legs. “We do need to name them,” the birthday girl announces. She strokes one goat’s speckl...

  • what a family is really about

    On Tuesday, October 11 th, 2011

    When she stands in the garden, hauls the pumpkin up in both arms, she laughs and says it’s like she’s the one grown all round and full. “Haven’t I grown so big?” She’s a riot. Summer and light and this reaping, it makes us tipsy happy. She giggles and the pumpkin rounding out her belly, it jiggles, and I grin. A mother’s smile is the ch...

  • for mothers : {frames of time}

    On Friday, September 30 th, 2011

    I could only get them all to stand still for one frame. Because they were doing the real work of playing prisoner’s base, running and hiding and stealthing, through the skeleton of an old mill, through all that once stood. So I followed quiet with my shutter heart, stolen by laughter and light and right here, just capturing them each, the six, in these fra...

  • How to Get the Most out of A Day

    On Monday, August 29 th, 2011

    It’s a scant harvest of sweet corn this year. The rains deluging in spring, then giving up it’s obsession with us come June. From my post at the stove, out the window to the south, there the Farmer bends and bowsover the cornstalks like an offering,  the only way a life can reap a harvest. The Farmer brings in cobs and the kids husk it back to kernels, to the nugg...

  • How to Go into all the World?

    On Tuesday, August 16 th, 2011

    So we wallpaper the children’s bathroom with thrifted maps from old National Geographics. It only cost the price of the sticky tack, to mount the maps, and a bit of time, and if it all begins to fall down next week, it’s not the end of the world — well, at least not literally anyways. A boy cracks a grin: “I think we should write on the maps...

  • when dreaming of something new…

    On Thursday, July 28 th, 2011

    The day the two of them imagined making something, they up and took a lamb’s sacrifice and headed back to the garden. Back to the orchard, back to the tree. Back with one hank of wool yarn and the dye and their dreams, and a sheet of clear directions, highlighted and circled in yellow. The instructions did state that the yarn needed to be real animal fibers or the ...

  • The Farm Report: {Work Days}

    On Thursday, July 07 th, 2011

    ‘Thank God every morning when you get up, that you have something to do that day which must be done… ~Charles Kingsley ‘We lived here by our work. Our life and our work were not the same thing maybe, but they were close…”   ~Wendell Berry, Hannah Coulter :: :: And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing...

  • what’s needed when embarking on motherhood

    On Tuesday, July 05 th, 2011

    The train moves slow. The children, all six, dangle happy out windows. I fumble for our tickets. Look for answers I can’t find. The train lurches and I reach for a seat and a boy grins at me trying to hold on. When did all their limbs become long? When did I turn and miss that all the days are the destination? Two brothers stack, hands on shoulder, leaning to see down th...

  • what it means to have the miracle of a sister

    On Tuesday, June 28 th, 2011

    Sisters make circles of time, a completing of sentences and memories and laughter, the past curving into now and you both know how it all rolls. A sister born friend, she turns all the inner worlds that won’t fit into words, into a deep knowing. From the moment I first cupped a woman child into me, I had always wanted this for her  –  a sister to round out her heart. ...

  • How to Really Find Yourself {Free Nature Calendar}

    On Friday, June 03 rd, 2011

    On the edge of a star-birthing cosmos, on the rim of a planet spinning in black, on the fringe of a summer unfurling, there is this happiest relief for the tad dizzy and weary, to find that we are a people held. :: :: “Let the beloved of the LORD rest secure in him, and the one the LORD loves rests between his shoulders.” ~Deuteronomy 33:12   JuneR...

  • “There is but one cure…”

    On Thursday, June 02 nd, 2011

    It’s long after I turn the last light out. Long after that I hear the back door open and close. That I hear the footsteps. “Hey…” Who comes in through the door, comes in from the dark? “‘Night, Mom.” Ah… his voice. Firstborn. “You okay?” I can hear him lean against the railing at the top of the stairs. “Yeah…” He can’t know that Mamas hear heartac...

  • For Wild & Busy Days: {Call them Kite Days}

    On Friday, May 27 th, 2011

    A nd in the midst of the wild and full days… the days that are like kite days, days that keep you running, the keep you holding fast, that keep you laughing at the crazy wonder of whipping wind and you just trying to catch your breath, in the midst, there are those moments… those flashes of times, that can tug you wide awake and you can really feel how ...

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