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  • when it’s hard to believe in miracles this Christmas

    On Wednesday, December 12 th, 2012
    First, a new note for you right below that Hope doesn’t want you to miss? Second — today is my dearest mama’s birthday. She was born 12 minutes to 12. And today is 12. 12. 12. — the last repetitive date we’ll ever see. So! Slipping quiet away here to celebrate an only-one-day-ever-like-this with my
  • Because We’re Women in a Long Line of Women {*UPDATED at bottom of post}

    On Tuesday, December 11 th, 2012
    It wasn’t planned or anything, no more than you can get all your ducks lined up in a row — no more than you can stop love from breaking free. I just bent a bit on a December 11th, bent and swayed and prayed, and I had two babies on the same day, December 11th
  • What Your Christmas Needs to Really be Merry

    On Monday, December 10 th, 2012
    The Practice of the Pause And on a whirling world, in the middle of the blur, you just hold a pause — at the end of one smeared moment — and before the next, holding the moments right to their very end with the full length of all your attention, these lingering, weighted pauses, heavy with
  • The Best Way to do Christmas Cleaning

    On Friday, December 07 th, 2012
    Why it happened right then, when she turned toward the stack of dishes on the counters, the squash peeling and apple cores and crusted pots, she had no idea. No idea why it came right then, in the midst of kids and mess and loud, like a coming around: How when you are turned away
  • How to Slow Down Christmas

    On Thursday, December 06 th, 2012
    Power plays and big takeovers and loud commercials. That’s the way the world turns and Wall Street rolls. But God, when He comes, He shows up in this fetal ball. Just this seed unfurling, impossible power contained in the small. The beginning of December, that is what I set out on the counter: just a
  • The Christmas Miracle He will Not Withhold From You

    On Wednesday, December 05 th, 2012
    I don’t really want to think about what you’d find if you sliced my heart right open. Hope’s at the front of the church singing like an ascension, like a heart could take to heaven – or least to the heights of St John’s Church of the Evangelist. My back’s up against the brick wall.
  • The Grateful Christmas Project: 7 Ways to have more Grateful Kids this Christmas

    On Monday, December 03 rd, 2012
    I‘m thinking it’s almost a dozen years now, nothing under the Christmas tree here. Strange, the way children teach men. The whole crazy, unexpected thing, it started at bedtime one year, I do remember that. Smoothing back hair, kissing foreheads. I had gifts to wrap. So, I pulled up the blankets. Prayers. And then, when
  • When You’re Looking for a Christmas Miracle {Pt. 1}

    On Friday, November 30 th, 2012
    They say that the most glorious mess is the foot of the tree on Christmas Day. But there are frank people who will just straight out tell you that the whole thing can be a bit of a mess. The kids’ uncle lies in a hospital bed waiting for a surgeon to cut into his
  • 5 Fab Things For a BRIGHT Friday {Friday@the Farm}

    On Friday, November 23 rd, 2012
    5 Fabulous Things … that are sort of like when pigs fly! Or — when the Farmer about kisses a cow! Happiness for a Bright Friday: 1. Healthy Fudge? In the Slowcooker? 5 ingredients? Why, yes please! Perfect and easy family sweet for the weekend! 2. All together now: Free Christmas Music? 15 Ways to Make a
  • Finding The Perfect Gift {Free Holiday Printable}

    On Thursday, November 22 nd, 2012
    …. (excerpt) But now had arrived and unwrapped like a gift —   The embrace at the door, the loud laughter in the twilight greying, the clock ticking down after the still — all unearned — her here at all.   So after the turkey and Aunt Eileen’s pie, she’d written it down and taped
  • How to Have the Best Holiday Season? Your Turn

    On Tuesday, November 20 th, 2012
      Praying His astonishing joy for each of you… Walking with you and kneeling long and thanking you for grace.  Your turn is always waiting here  or here for whenever you’d like to share your God-story: We’re all ears and heart and prayer and believing He’s just waiting to lavish you with joy. in. Him.  Resources for
  • When What You Really Need is an Epiphany

    On Friday, January 06 th, 2012
    The snow lights with day. Everything alight, straight across the fields. Today’s epiphany and I think I’m having one of my own. Epiphany, always January 6th, the day when we reflect on the three wise men kneeling before the Christ-Lord, Lord of heaven and earth, Christ revealing His divinity under the star in the sky.
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