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  • When You feel Like You Never Belong …

    On Friday, July 19 th, 2013

    That was it : That for all her yearning to belong – What she wanted was someone to long to be with her. … Belonging wasn’t about some club, or cool clique, or country — belonging was about Christ. Who never stopped longing to be with her…   So no matter how many days she felt lost in her  own skin, no matter how she struggled for breath in he...

  • Why You need an Island of Quiet right now

    On Wednesday, March 27 th, 2013

    Sunday, there’d been the crowning, the waving of the palms. Monday, then the cleansing, the cursing of the fig. Tuesday, the conflict, the plotting of the Pharisee. Then come Thursday —  there would be the communion, the breaking of the bread. And Friday, the crucifixion, the hanging of the impossible dead. And at no point could  anyone have imagined the confusio...

  • The Best Way to do Christmas Cleaning

    On Friday, December 07 th, 2012

    Why it happened right then, when she turned toward the stack of dishes on the counters, the squash peeling and apple cores and crusted pots, she had no idea. No idea why it came right then, in the midst of kids and mess and loud, like a coming around: How when you are turned away from God, life turns ugly, but when you are turned toward God, life turns lovely. S...

  • How to Really Live

    On Monday, August 13 th, 2012

    It’s like an awakening. That right in the middle of the Sunday sermon, while the pastor’s preaching what salvation really means,  I can see a woman in a pew ahead of me flipping through the pages of an Avon catalogue. I can only bow my head. Because there are a thousand ways to be lukewarm and there’s a reason I know that. I’ve been apathetic about gra...

  • What in the World Should Christians Wear?

    On Tuesday, June 12 th, 2012

    He does a double take. It’s got to be my ridiculous bed head. I step back from the luggage carousel, run my fingers through tired hair. It’s mid June and I’m flying home from speaking, only to find my flight home to Canada canceled. It had been after 2 in the morning when I finally fell into the pillow in a darkened hotel room, heavy air freshener masking a millio...

  • How to Really Survive a Heart Attack

    On Thursday, May 24 th, 2012

    Mama calls me to tell me that her mama’s had a heart attack. I hold the receiver close. Lower myself into a chair. Granny of the tea biscuits and the white light netted up in her white hair — she’s hardly standing at the side of her bed when her heart gets blocked and bits of her on the inside explode. On the other end of the line, Mama unwinds the day like...

  • How in this World Do You Find Joy? ……. {Holy Week: Part 4}

    On Thursday, April 05 th, 2012

    In the middle of Passion Week, we work dirt. We pick stones off the field, haul off rocks to ready a seed bed. There are eggs in an incubator downstairs in a closet. The whole world is this ticking, waiting, readying thing, on the brink of something cosmic, on the brink of the Biggest Bang — that slamming hammer and the howl of God ringing to the stars. That’s what ...

  • What to do when Life’s Dented & Banged Up

    On Friday, March 02 nd, 2012

    It only seems canned, like that dented tin you pull off the markdown shelf, this life tucking in cotton sheets, chopping onions, clipping socks to the line with wooden pins grooved grey by sun and wind and spinning earth — and there are days, the drowsy ones, that I blithely buy it, pay my dollar ninety nine and think that none of this is shockingly cosmic, not a quest, ...

  • The Secret to Fasting in a Lent that is Failing

    On Wednesday, February 29 th, 2012

    Dust cloth in hand, that is what I’m thinking Lent’s all about. Don’t I desperately want to be changed when Easter morning dawns? For something different to have dawned in me. I wash things down. I mean, it’s easier to blithely dust, spring clean, do some happy spring decorating than to think about Lent. I get that. I’d like that. But it&...

  • what to cling to on the days you’re drowning

    On Tuesday, January 24 th, 2012

    I ‘m tired and worn by noon when I sit there beside him and he peels back the skin of his orange in the light. He does this everyday after noon meal and he does it slow. I feel slow and there are kids and lessons and laundry and everything else. I’m trying to hold on. The curve of the peel, it cleaves to the sweet, and it’s the skin of the thing that he holds...

  • when you’re broken

    On Wednesday, August 24 th, 2011

    Christ comes to us in the only way any of us can recognize — with a body right broken. Who of us isn’t busted? On a Sunday, the pastor breaks the loaves, three of them, are broken right down the center. Lays them white faced on silver platters, then takes them in hand and turns to us the congregants — the farmers and grandmothers, the wives and the truc...

  • Why Do Lent? Why A Failing Lent Actually Succeeds (& a Booklist)

    On Wednesday, March 09 th, 2011

    I can’t seem to follow through in giving up for Lent. Which makes me want to just give up Lent. Which makes me question Who I am following. Which may precisely be the point of Lent. Last week, I’m standing on a table, snapping the shutter on a bouquet of roses, when by brother calls. Levi picks it up, his eyes twinkling, stars risen early. I can only hope Levi does...

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