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  • Wanna Come with Us to Africa? #FarmGirlsinAfrica

    On Wednesday, June 12 th, 2013
    Two farm girls — one mama and her girl. Asked to go to Africa for a Compassion Canada film trip. To meet one special little girl. And a girl named Katie who is changing the world with one big heart. Knocking knees. Stomach Knot. Leap of faith. Everlasting Arms underneath. What’s your Mark? Every Moment
  • So God Made a Mother:
    When the Giving Tree is Really The Giving Mother *Updated

    On Monday, May 06 th, 2013
    So, sure, there was this talk of The Giving Tree – but there wasn’t one of us who didn’t know all along it was you, The Giving Mother. You who leaned over a stove and stirred and let spices fall like leaves and you ladled and we slurped and it would be remembered when we
  • The 1 Thing Radical Really Definitely Has to Look Like — Right Where We Are

    On Friday, March 15 th, 2013
    No one just straight up tells you that the things you’ve seen — become what you see. That you’ll close your eyes a thousand nights from now and it will all be real again — where you were and what they wore, that one look, that one moment, that one frame. That you’ll see the
  • How to Make a Miracle Happen

    On Friday, February 22 nd, 2013
    They still do happen, miracles, a bit like a flash in the sky. Coming up the backside of things, coming up from the other way. Caleb said it as soon as we drove in, that we’d  been at this church, at Compassion’s school here, last July. I told him that nah, that he was all turned
  • The 1 Thing You Really Have to Know About Your Family

    On Thursday, February 21 st, 2013
    Over here today ….  It’s good to be rocked and changed with you all…           Related: Of Women & Sisters & Family & How You Really Speak Lent Why It’s Okay to Cry When Lent and Valentines Collide: 40 Days of ThanksLoving  
  • Of Women & Sisters & Family & How You Really Speak Lent

    On Wednesday, February 20 th, 2013
    So Shalom has this bag made by 3 Cords in Haiti that she carries her shoes and Bible in it to Wednesday night Kids Club, and sometimes a hen or a pig, depending on how the day slants and careens. That’s the bag the kid keeps hanging on the first hook inside the back door and
  • Why It’s Okay to Cry

    On Monday, February 18 th, 2013
    Apparently if you try to carry a vintage sewing machine through an airport security in your carry-on, you can get yourself patted won. Even if you have all your white hair wrapped up in a bun and you are wearing worn Reeboks with your skirt. Mama just took it like a grandma, thanked TSA, grabbed
  • Family Mission Trip #1 (Friday on the Farm)

    On Friday, February 15 th, 2013
    And (I think!) we’re off! Lord willing, we’ll be sharing the God stories in real time as we go with God and stumble and fumble, a bunch of farmers praying for the Harvest? Join in with us on this mission trip?  You’re part of the story with us and we beg prayers and fly with
  • What Does a bit of Radical Christianity Really Look Like —- Right Where You Are? {Pt 2}

    On Wednesday, January 23 rd, 2013
    When I first read her story on the screen, I want to drive a for sale sign into the front lawn and sell all the pigs. Mainly because I don’t think I can shoe horn a few hundred hogs into a suitcase — and there’s now way around it: my heart’s already left on a
  • How to Really Hold Jesus This Christmas

    On Thursday, December 20 th, 2012
    The girl, she hands me this two-inch Christmas tree. A Christmas tree made of salt-dough, painted and varnished. She gives it to me right at the beginning, right when we meet. The boughs of the tree in my palm, they are dough, cut and bent — these wee branches extended straight out. How in the
  • Baby Steps: Just. Do. Something.

    On Thursday, September 13 th, 2012
  • The 1 Habit We Can’t Afford to Forget

    On Wednesday, September 12 th, 2012
    It’s after the Farmer checks over the combine that I crawl in the cab, in beside him in that ratty old t-shirt. Something about a man who wears his work with no shame. “Ride a few rounds with me?” The engine’s drowning out that quiet voice of his. I sit closer, my shoulder pressing against
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