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  • 10 Real Ways You Could Really Be the Change in the World

    On Thursday, July 19 th, 2012

    In the days after, my throat about seals off. On the edge of the bed in the dark before morning, all I can do is is sit at the edge of the world and close my eyes, wince through every hard searing. It hurts and it doesn’t matter because there’s no getting around it — you do have to figure a way out to swallow the world down. They had said this would happen ...

  • The 1 Thing You Really have to Know About Your Family

    On Tuesday, July 17 th, 2012

    Iam not going to lie. When your kin comes knocking on your own back door — come to ask how that trip to Haiti went — how can you look them in the eye and lie? How can you lie still when babies are drowning in a sea of poverty? How can you not scream? I tell Mama that I think I’m angry. Mama sits down. And I pace, this hunting for words for the indescribable. ...

  • weekends are for the best worship

    On Saturday, July 14 th, 2012

    Coming to you live from our drive through Port Au Prince this morning…. {Please consider clicking off music slider just below top nav bar to hear the best kind of worship — right in the midst. RSS readers can view video here… } and what song’s on repeat in my heart Caleb and sweet Kechnaider who needs a sponsor {b: June 25, 2008)… Cale hanging...

  • How the American Dream becomes Christmas in July

    On Thursday, July 12 th, 2012

    The boy made a wreath out of wood. And all one December, as the snow fell and the carols played, we sat around a farm table and remembered how a mother swayed heavy with child and we waited for Christ. The boy made more wreaths out of wood. He sent them around the whole world. And more families, they lit candles around the wreath and the figurine of the mother, she travailed...

  • When Compassion Becomes a Gold Rush

    On Wednesday, July 11 th, 2012

    Caleb and I are in a high rural part of Haiti and can’t post today but will be sharing about the 1000 Moms project and Caleb’s donation from the wreaths to the Moms here in Haiti at a Child Survival center on Thursday. More stories and photos to come, but for today, remembering how this story of Jonathan forever changed us:   We wind around a thousand mountains...

  • What You Really Need to Know Before You Step Out into the World

    On Tuesday, July 10 th, 2012

    What have you got to make sure you really know before you step out into the whole wide world? Maybe you just keep stepping into the gloriously messy world and God makes it clearer than you’d ever hoped? I fly to Haiti with Compassion, with you, our oldest son on the brink of stepping out from under his mother’s wing and I stand beside you. I stand beside those shoulders of...

  • What Your Address Really Is

    On Monday, July 09 th, 2012

    The bus that we boarded at the airport, it drove right through an earthquake. It turned out of the airport like we did this afternoon, with a Canadian Compassion team on board just like ours, and somewhere on its way through the streets toward the Hotel Montana, something grabbed hold of the earth and shook it hard and the ground imploded, like a lung sunken  in. Two years la...

  • If You Want to Soar this Summer …… {with free printable & video}

    On Thursday, July 05 th, 2012

    Home late yesterday from our time away in the woods, us all full & light with memories. Waking up on the farm here this morning with a soul very much awake. Now, as our oldest & I make our lists to prepare for Haiti with Compassion Canada on Saturday morning early (you are coming with us right here, yes?)— the Farmer & I are ridiculously thankful for Shaun Gro...

  • For the greatest gift is becoming a gift…

    On Thursday, May 10 th, 2012

    Mothering can spin you in these dizzy circles and who doesn’t need an encircling of grace? Women could do this for each other. Two years ago or so, I tell my firstborn of my crazy idea of this wooden wreath. A wreath going round and round and round, to put on the table for advent with a silhouette of Mary, large with child and all this love, on a donkey, on her w...

  • Losing our Language: A Story of Thanksgiving

    On Thursday, November 24 th, 2011

    When they said they were boarding Group 2 now for Quito, he turned to me and said he didn’t know a word of Spanish. It doesn’t matter, that’s what I said to the Farmer. Gratitude is a language you speak with your hands, the way you form the vowels and spaces of your life and we could all learn it together. We’d just fly straight into the dark, fly high on health and a...

  • when you’d really like to wear sheer joy

    On Tuesday, November 15 th, 2011

    When Rosa’s youngest, little Liliana, scooped up that puppy right there next to the potato patch, she just hid behind his gaping mouth, eyes all large and laughing. Rosa told us what Liliana had done — that Liliana had found that puppy wandering abandoned — lost— outside her classroom. That Liliana had brought the puppy home to love. That Liliana loved. ...

  • When Compassion becomes a Gold Rush

    On Saturday, November 12 th, 2011

    We wind around a thousand mountains and canoe up a river of gold to find him. To find the boy someone named Jonathan. Gold panners, they run the whole throat of the Amazon through their boxes, through their bare hands, looking for gold flakes flashing… Jonathan, he just stands by his shack on toothpick stilts and barely flashes a smile. (Photo by Keely Scott) (Photo by Kee...

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