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  • 40 Things You Need to Know Before You’re 40 . . . . Letters to a Woman Mid-Way

    On Tuesday, April 30 th, 2013

    Dear Self, Look, you have only got so many days till your midway. Till you’ve heard almost half the morning doves you ever will. Felt the sun on your face half as many chances as you’ll have, laughed half as many times as you’ll ever know — and who knows, maybe most of your God-blessed moments are already passed? So for the holy sake of sanity get off th...

  • How to Cultivate the Habit of Focus . . . . . in an Age of Distraction

    On Wednesday, September 05 th, 2012

    The rest of us cracked open books here. A certain little someone walked around with posies of pink erasers on the end of slim yellow stems. We read about maple trees and conifers and the Canadian Shield and made the ivories sort of sound of mostly like Ode to Joy. When I turned a page and read about the ceremonies of native Indians, the kid with the curls and the posy of pen...

  • 25 Ways to be Creative This Weekend {weekends are for creativity}

    On Saturday, June 23 rd, 2012

    {Source for the canvas that I have hanging over my writing desk {a quote by Holley Gerth — with my creative Word sister Holley smiling encouragement right there!} Creative Inspiration for the Weekend : 14 Ways to Make Mediocre Art and 10 Ways to Make Art in less than an Hour… {You are living these 7 Habits of Creativity and making happy time everyday to be c...

  • weekends are for new beginnings

    On Saturday, March 31 st, 2012

    For  leftover remnants cupping new things, for for clutches of hope, there in the light, for fragile promises, that if believed in, might just fly, : Abundant blessings on your weekend, friends! :All is grace : : Beauty for the Weekend : On a Saturday morning… look out across a new week coming, a week focused on new life and resurrection coming! Slow and see the intr...

  • Why Everybody Needs to Make Art Everyday … {7 Keys to Creativity}

    On Tuesday, March 20 th, 2012

    Malakai and his paints sprawl across the table like a bit of the sky run all down. These thousand colors in rain. That’s the way Malakai paints, dabbing in the underbelly of the darks, lining the greys with white light. He pulls this rainbow of colors back tight and he shoots for stars, right there on canvas. Even his hands boldly wear it, shades of the sky. I don’t...

  • so, friend– have an only-God dream? like how to write a book?

    On Friday, March 16 th, 2012

    Last Friday, we talked quiet and long and wondrously here and over at High Calling,  about  where we’re from. This Friday, Glynn at The High Calling and I sit down with mugs and talk about why I write crazy slant. About  dirt and farming and kids. About how to write a book and how to look at your life and know what comes next… Think of writing a book? I’...

  • Why Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    On Monday, March 05 th, 2012

    Do not let anything keep you – not anything — from flinging out of that sagging comfort zone, and right into the streets, eyes and mouth full of His wonder, to pant it in the marketplace the back alleys, the front fields, across the crackling wires   that you have seen Him, yes — you have seen the light — and with these very eyes, and you h...

  • when dreaming of something new…

    On Thursday, July 28 th, 2011

    The day the two of them imagined making something, they up and took a lamb’s sacrifice and headed back to the garden. Back to the orchard, back to the tree. Back with one hank of wool yarn and the dye and their dreams, and a sheet of clear directions, highlighted and circled in yellow. The instructions did state that the yarn needed to be real animal fibers or the ...

  • How Christians May Create {And a SheSpeaks Scholarship}

    On Tuesday, March 29 th, 2011

    On the back of used envelopes, my Grandma wrote grocery lists, and I wrote bits of my heart, right to the edge where the seam was ripped right open… The summer I was ten and stood as tall as she was small, Grandma walked straight into the Northumberland News and laid my clumsy envelope words flat out on the editor’s desk and when she told me what she’d done, I...

  • The Secret of Effective Time Management

    On Friday, February 25 th, 2011

    When I turn down Creamery Road, pass the the creamery that’s now abandoned, the window eyes all punched out, I wonder how they must have all looked, those silvery pails of milk that once lined up by the door, their tins lid hats pulled on so not one white drop spilled. But isn’t as much milk lost through a pinhole, one minute little drip after another, as in the kno...

  • How to Live Fulfilled

    On Friday, February 11 th, 2011

    There’s three on the sill, all open to light, all open for filling, all for what comes just as He gives it, and me just wanting to find corks, even now. Mama said it to me the other night, us sitting in her front room in a ring of lamp light and me ringing the rim of my cup of hot chocolate again, again. Me wondering if I made a wrong turn somewhere and now how to get un...

  • Why We Need Listen to the Inner Voices of Creativity

    On Friday, January 21 st, 2011

    When it’s time, I know. I can tell in my bones, the ways the knees ache, those joints with a clock of their own. I drag my fingers tired through the hair, back from the temples, and I survey the room of the sprawled out legs, the stacks of books, the balls of yarn, the half deck of Rook scattered, and I sigh smile. “I think it’s time for bed, folks.” They cheer wild. Ra...

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