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Doing Thanks

  • When Lent & Valentines Collide: 40 Days of ThanksLoving

    On Wednesday, February 13 th, 2013
    It wasn’t 2 weeks before those 40 days of Lent that he’d turned 40. I’d kissed the old man in the kitchen and his 4 days growth had rubbed me like a matted burr and he’d laughed like a free man and said he’d never expected 40 to feel so young. I had thought we’d
  • What is time for but this?

    On Thursday, January 31 st, 2013
    Wildest Grace! And thousands of you most beautiful people all say “Here I am” and become 1000 gifts and the cycle of grace continues on and on and the five little nieces and all us crazy farm folk, we’re bowled over and undone by this unending deluge of birthday cards for Aleeda! From men who
  • What Radical Christianity Looks Like Right Where You Are {Pt. 3}

    On Wednesday, January 30 th, 2013
    You can beat your hard chest over the slaves in night streets. And over women beaten down for her one beautifully snapping mind, and over oppression that crushes the gasping lungs of whole nations. And all your chest banging can sound clang hollow, and I think this over a sink full of crusted pots. The
  • What Does a bit of Radical Christianity Really Look Like —- Right Where You Are? {Pt 2}

    On Wednesday, January 23 rd, 2013
    When I first read her story on the screen, I want to drive a for sale sign into the front lawn and sell all the pigs. Mainly because I don’t think I can shoe horn a few hundred hogs into a suitcase — and there’s now way around it: my heart’s already left on a
  • ‘Jesus is the Greatest Gift’ Christmas Gifts for Neighbors: Free Printable

    On Wednesday, December 19 th, 2012
    The kids have Adore Him playing and they’re singing along and off key. And the house wafts of sugar cookies and anticipation and names of neighbors to bless! “You done drawing now, Mama?” Kai’s leaning hard over my shoulder. “Can we just call it done?” And I’m thinking so, and we cut out this little
  • Because We’re Women in a Long Line of Women {*UPDATED at bottom of post}

    On Tuesday, December 11 th, 2012
    It wasn’t planned or anything, no more than you can get all your ducks lined up in a row — no more than you can stop love from breaking free. I just bent a bit on a December 11th, bent and swayed and prayed, and I had two babies on the same day, December 11th
  • How Beards & Men & Random Acts of Kindness Can Change the World

    On Tuesday, November 27 th, 2012
    I can’t ever say that kissing him before was painful. I mean, nothing about him ever scratched abrasive and rough, nothing like the grit side of an unused emory board, the backside of a knot of burrs. The man just grabbed me around the waist and most days the warm side of him feels only
  • How to Live the Really Best Bucket List

    On Tuesday, August 28 th, 2012
    When I’d picked up the magazine lying on the seat next me, the pages fell open to this editor’s column — about his bucket list. “We all have a bucket list – whether it is written down or tucked somewhere in the back of our mind just waiting for the right moment to transition over
  • How to Really Live {Part 2} . . . . . . . . . . . {The Rest of the Story}

    On Tuesday, August 14 th, 2012
    There are some stories you can’t quite get out of your head. Our last boy, he comes to me yesterday, crawls up on my lap and asks me in this whisper: “You know how you told us that story, Mama, about Kolbe? What happened to Gajowniczek afterward, Mama? After Kolbe said the Nazis could kill him instead
  • Because if Us Christians Really Care……. And We Really Do — right?

    On Thursday, August 02 nd, 2012
    It comes right when we’re at day 11 of praying our way through Ramadan. Us the the family living next door to Mennonites not Muslims, the women who wear bonnets not hijabs. The neighbors around here taking their horse and buggy to make a 4 mile pilgrimage to Sunday meeting, not any annual five thousand
  • For the greatest gift is becoming a gift…

    On Thursday, May 10 th, 2012
    Mothering can spin you in these dizzy circles and who doesn’t need an encircling of grace? Women could do this for each other. Two years ago or so, I tell my firstborn of my crazy idea of this wooden wreath. A wreath going round and round and round, to put on the table for advent
  • What Every Mother has to Know …. {Before Mother’s Day}

    On Monday, May 07 th, 2012
    Everything beautiful always begins with a willingness to suffer. Just ask any mother. When you’d bake up raspberry kuchen for Sunday afternoon dinner, you’d make two pans and you’d make more of who we are. You made double batches and you made beds and you made more of heaven on earth and a mother can
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