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  • Come to the Easter Garden {A Christian Easter Family Activity}

    On Thursday, March 14 th, 2013
    So the thing is, back there in the beginning, we all had this shattering fall in a garden. And we mark it on the calendar, Christ, falling in the garden of Gethsemane. Christ, righting our messy fall. So the kids and I, we put our hands into dirt, and we remember our garden fall and
  • The 1 Command that Could Resurrect the Church, Our Hurting Places & the Sisterhood of Women

    On Wednesday, March 13 th, 2013
    There’s a reason He called us His Body and not His Estate.” That’s what Tib Pearson told me. Tib with his Red Wing workboots and worn John Deere hat and hands weathered and etched like a greying cedar rail. “A Body is connected with sinew and vein —  and an estate is divided with fences
  • When Lent & Valentines Collide: 40 Days of ThanksLoving

    On Wednesday, February 13 th, 2013
    It wasn’t 2 weeks before those 40 days of Lent that he’d turned 40. I’d kissed the old man in the kitchen and his 4 days growth had rubbed me like a matted burr and he’d laughed like a free man and said he’d never expected 40 to feel so young. I had thought we’d
  • Why Doing Lent This Year Is What You Really Need . . . . . (and a Free Family Lent & Easter Devotional)

    On Tuesday, February 12 th, 2013
    I can’t seem to follow through in giving up for Lent. Which makes me want to just give up Lent. Which makes me question Who I am following. Which may precisely be the point of Lent. Last week, I’m standing on a table, snapping the shutter on a bouquet of roses, when by brother calls.
  • for when your life seems turned upside down … {the practice of living Easter}

    On Wednesday, April 11 th, 2012
    Turns out that all it takes to snap your back at the base is just a turning and a bending over to pick up a book. Turns out ‘safe’ isn’t a place you live at — but a Person you live in. Pleated there at the window, trying to straighten the back out again, trying
  • weekends are for waiting

    On Saturday, April 07 th, 2012
    For  thinking on the lamb and the gift of that Door that will open wide at the end of the road of grace. : Waiting with you for Sunday morning, All’s grace because of Christ alone, : : Beauty for the Weekend : On this Saturday morning…  pause here to consider that He Chose the
  • The Shocking Theology of Good Friday

    On Friday, April 06 th, 2012
    The children sleep on the eve of Good Friday and in a still house I pour blood down the drain.   Scarlet drips from bowl’s edge and I’m struck   with images of the cutting of a throat, pools and reek of of plasma, cells, platelets, and this appeal of peaceable vegetarianism.     I rub
  • How in this World Do You Find Joy? ……. {Holy Week: Part 4}

    On Thursday, April 05 th, 2012
    In the middle of Passion Week, we work dirt. We pick stones off the field, haul off rocks to ready a seed bed. There are eggs in an incubator downstairs in a closet. The whole world is this ticking, waiting, readying thing, on the brink of something cosmic, on the brink of the Biggest Bang
  • Figuring Out the Cross-Centered Life

    On Wednesday, April 04 th, 2012
    {This is part of a series this week on preparing hearts for Easter. Part 1 of A Holy Week can be found here Part 2 of a Holy Week: A Family Activity for Passion Week can be found here} On the road to Calvary… two years ago this week… Life only emerges from black depths.
  • 3 Bowls & a Crown of Thorns on Holy Week … {A Holy Week: Day 2}

    On Tuesday, April 03 rd, 2012
    {This is part of a series this week on preparing hearts for Easter. Part 1 of A Holy Week can be found here} Dad always did that after the meat and potatoes, after the plates were cleared and stacked. He’d ask for a toothpick. Him in his plaid flannel shirt and Levi’s, looking for a
  • If You Want to Start Your Holy Week off Well {A Holy Week: Day 1}

    On Monday, April 02 nd, 2012
    My Grandma, she told me if you found a man who’d weep over a story — that was a man you could marry. The morning of Palm Sunday, the porridge boils over and burns on the stove. Hope tries on three dresses, slumps into the kitchen and declares she has nothing to wear. Shalom can’t
  • The Best Easter Dinner {with a Free Printable} {Start a Christian Tradition: Messianic Seder}

    On Wednesday, March 28 th, 2012
    I shouldn’t have been surprised when the questions came, all these questions rushing like a river searching…. God knew. He knew how all the kids would ask questions. : ::   All the kids asking questions — wasn’t that the prophesy? “When your children ask their fathers in the time to come…’” (Joshua 4:21). And
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