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  • Six (More) Ways for a Family to Celebrate Easter

    On Friday, March 19 th, 2010
    1. Slip off to the quiet of the maple sugar shanty and touch the tapped trees. Listen to the slow drip of the sweet that runs from the trees… And remember the Sweetest Grace that flowed down a Tree was on Calvary…  Taste long of a spoonful of maple syrup — and know His love
  • and today on the farm…

    On Thursday, March 18 th, 2010
    only a few words today in the midst … because…. Remember the possibility of sharing the light of the Advent to Lent wreaths with you? so the farm kids — and Mama too — work and serve and steep deep in audio Scripture for hours on end and listen to song hymns and sing too … while we happily
  • Making an Easter Tree: A Trail to the Nail Tree

    On Tuesday, March 16 th, 2010
    We cut up whitepaper,pierce a hole right through,hang this passion …… on a bunch of wood. We read each day’s devotional. We hang the devotional’s accompanying art symbol on our own passion tree, the very same dogwood branches we hung our Jesse Tree symbols on at Christmas. We too are led to Calvary. ::::: How
  • If You’re Looking for a Deeply Meaningful Way to Celebrate Easter *UPDATED BELOW….

    On Thursday, March 11 th, 2010
    The Light of the World that Mary carried to Bethlehem, light to shine on those living in the land of the shadow of death, He moves ever closer to Calvary. And the pitch black that fell for three hours at noonday. We walk with Him. We follow the Light. You asked if you could come
  • What is Sure to Break Out After Every Christmas

    On Friday, January 01 st, 2010
    I did see Tallest Son carry in the eggs, the thermometer. But we were cutting out snowflakes, stringing the tree, playing our favorite Christmas carols. And then sometimes, after they were all in bed and the house was quiet and the advent candles still flickered on in the dark, it’d catch me by surprise. To
  • That We Would Meet Here

    On Tuesday, April 14 th, 2009
    Our paths had never crossed. I’ve been good with that. And when I ask him to come, come see the kids in a play Easter morning, not at the church but at the arena, neutral territory, and Dad asks if his step-daughter, my age, her children, his step-grandchildren, ages of my children, might come too,
  • All Things New

    On Monday, April 13 th, 2009
    The cornerstone of Christianity is a rotting cell sparking, a heart valve quivering in the pitch, beetle scratching in black while convex chest cavity shudders, sunken death inflating with hot breath, atoms of second Adam recreating the universe. Photos: scenes from our holiest weekend of the year……sheep grazing down our road, shadow of the cross
  • The End is Life

    On Sunday, April 12 th, 2009
    Photo: taken @ Musee d’Orsay, Paris… I was unfamiliar with the painting before coming across it in one of the last galleries,shadowed and empty.But in that startling quiet, I looked into those alive, ancient eyes and there was an instant recognition, electrifying, of that hardly-belief, that aching-hope, the feet running to tomb,now empty and shadowed.
  • Waiting…

    On Saturday, April 11 th, 2009
    …. because He is our Life (please consider muting sidebar music, or viewing clip here) May your weekend wanderings be of expectant waiting, kind friends … His resurrected breath is the very essence of our every breath… All’s grace,
  • Necessary

    On Friday, April 10 th, 2009
    The children sleep and in a still house I pour blood down the drain.Scarlet drips from bowl’s edge and I’m struckwith images of the cutting of a throat, pools and reek ofof plasma, cells, platelets,the appeal of peaceable vegetarianism. And when I rub the marinate into the lamb, blood ponding on plate,I think of socially
  • Easter Eucharisteo: Snapshots of Grace

    On Thursday, April 09 th, 2009
    Related Grace Snapshots: How to Experience the Actual Presence of GodSnapshots of Meditations ~~ May we invite you to Live the Last Supper, to do Eucharisteo, to come join the Gratitude Community?Just grab a scrap of paper lying around and begin giving thanks, with your own 1000 Endless Gifts: Why begin your own One Thousand
  • Night Watch

    On Wednesday, April 08 th, 2009
    We sit in the dark at the end of the day, a weary band of followers – – a gaggle of scragglers and wanderers, really — struggling with eyelids and wakefulness and this plea to pray. We’ve come to the garden. All week, each night, we’ve lit a candle, sat at garden’s edge, and someone
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