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Eucharistic Living

  • The Convenantal Act of Remembering…

    On Monday, September 29 th, 2008
    Over the orchard, the sky dome arcs a transparent azure, a clear window to the heavens. I only know because I laid out on the grass under the limbs of the russet tree on a late September afternoon and stared up , long at that. By the end of summer, isn’t light exquisitely refined? Draping
  • Tutorial on Visual Homemaking Journal

    On Tuesday, September 23 rd, 2008
    (The following is a feeble tutorial disguising itself as story because I hesitate to offer a tutorial on anything… and I think we remember stories longer ~smile~) This is the story of a Type-A personality finding serenity in playing about with glossy pictures and glue and paper. Child’s play. Yes, true: it’s a pretty simple
  • notes from around the gratitude community

    On Sunday, September 21 st, 2008
    …. a few notes gathered from around the gratitude community (check out these gift lists– they make a heart sing… and cry with the beauty of it all, beauty too often missed)… with photos of a gratitude journal, a humbling gift of grace from beautiful Diane at a Circle of Quiet …. Girl with a
  • Get Closer to the Ugly

    On Monday, September 15 th, 2008
    It’s what we call the ugly-beautiful… d’un beau affreux. What the impressionist painter, Paul Gauguin, encapsulated as, “Le laid peut-etre beau…” Translation: The ugly can be beautiful….. I scratched it down in the archives, In Christian circles, we elevate what we deem beautiful, endeavor to create spheres of pristine beauty, and perhaps rightly so, for
  • … only in need of more gratitude …

    On Tuesday, September 09 th, 2008
    “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others.” ~Cicero, 106-43 B.C. …. so the endless list continues … … up the hill to follow where He leads … … long afternoons with big fields and dark woods … … farmers camping… in the backyard … (livestock can still be
  • Shimmering

    On Friday, September 05 th, 2008
    In a novel by Vladimir Nabokov, one of the characters quietly watches an elderly street woman sip a cup of coffee given to her and in that moment becomes… “aware of the world’s tenderness, the profound beneficence of all that surrounded me, the blissful bond between me and all of creation; and I realized that
  • Salvage a Day’s Cinders…

    On Thursday, September 04 th, 2008
    The day had sort of charred. When the smoke had died down, and we stood in the rubble of day’s end, books and dishes, laundry and legos, I feebly looked about and said the only words I could find, our closing ceremony words. (That’s what ceremony does: shows you the next thing when you just
  • Praise

    On Saturday, August 30 th, 2008
    “O Lord and Maker of all things, for whose creative power the first light came forth, who looked upon the world’s first morning and saw that it was good, I praise you for this light that now streams through my windows to rouse me to the life of another day. I praise You for the
  • What Changes Everything…

    On Friday, August 22 nd, 2008
    A note that made its way to the inbox… “I’ve been thinking on that recent post, “Yes, the answer is YES!”…. I remember a morning not too long ago when I woke up feeling already spent. I was overwhelmed, so terribly tired, and realizing that my day had not even begun. Hubby had already climbed
  • Evidence for God

    On Monday, August 18 th, 2008
    I found the evidence yesterday, unexpectedly, on the trail to the woods. It was at the the curve, just before that large made-for-sitting-on stone, where one can see down into the valley of fields from the top of the hill. A sea of corn tassels stood stilled, waiting for me to know. The woods behind
  • Yes, the Answer is YES!

    On Saturday, August 16 th, 2008
    But a few days ago, I scratched it down in “Looking for Love…” : “Have you known love? That saturating-your-pores, leaking-out-your-arteries kind of love….I’m speaking of the love you keep looking for. Unless the heart brushes up against, touches, that kind of love, knows God intimately to be her only happiness, we still ache. We
  • Embrace the Gift of what is….

    On Wednesday, August 13 th, 2008
    “Give up the bitterness, the anger, the sadness for what isn’t, that you wish you had. And embrace the gift of what you do have. For therein is really what you want more of: Joy.” ~Elizabeth Elliot a summer of healing hand, without trampoline, or swimming, or bikes… but there’s always frogs! the shirt he
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