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Eucharistic Living

  • Weed Seeds

    On Wednesday, June 04 th, 2008

    Spheres on stilts perforate the lawn, these dandelions propped feasting planets for sun-grazed feathers. I watch from window, goldfinches flashing gold about the whitened old globes. And He who choreographs these explosions, soft and soundless, winds time, just until the end, to transform a weed universe, bitter and unwanted orbs, into a galaxy of seeds. Nourishment. A ba...

  • How to Drink the Cup of Salvation

    On Thursday, May 29 th, 2008

    Today, I am writing about Thirsting for God in Daily Work over at Laity Lodge’s High Calling. Because it’s all about choices. Will I drink the cup that He gives? I’d count it a privilege learn from you. I hope you’ll share how you choose to drink from His cup. Thank you, fellow sojourners on The Way… I’ll be over there, listening…....

  • Sunday Worship

    On Sunday, May 25 th, 2008

    “We taste Thee, O Thou living Bread, And long to feast upon Thee still; We drink of Thee, the Fountainhead, And thirst our souls from Thee to fill.” ~Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts, Bernard of Clairvaux (at Cyberhymnal) Thank you, Monica in Colorado, for sharing this worshipful hymn. Our voices quietly join yours.

  • How to Practice being Present to the Presence of God

    On Thursday, May 22 nd, 2008

    (Part One: How (not) to Practice the Presence of God) The mill whirs down to quiet and I open up its basin to flour, measure out kernels powdered, still warm from the grinding. I scoop a tablespoon of yeast, granules falling, scattering across countertop. Running hand along flour dusted surface, I collect these seeds smaller than faith, look through corner kitchen window, this ...

  • Praying His Prayer

    On Wednesday, May 21 st, 2008

    I lay in the dark fading away and, before feet find floor, pray first because there is no other way to really begin. An ancient prayer, the one He told us to pray: ‘Our Father who is in heaven, Ours… You are all of ours (whether we acknowledge our lineage or not.) You are who we all have in common. Our Father… we come to You, Abba Daddy, not to an unfeeling M...

  • Thirsty for Thirst

    On Tuesday, May 20 th, 2008

    That ball of flame rises and dries out these fields of dark earth. Little girl patters into coming light, chirping for water, water. I fill her cup, and a pitcher too for the tomato plants drooping from waiting pots in window sills. We break the nightly fast with granola, the nightly soul fast with morning readings in the book of John and these words: “After this, Jesus, ...

  • Stop Signs

    On Monday, May 19 th, 2008

    I think it was because my window was rolled down a few inches that he bothered to yell at me. Otherwise, he may have just left it at that disgusted frown and shake of his head. But his driver’s window was cranked down too, us both looking for the relief of breezes from that sun blazing down. So when he turned north off the 4th line, down at Knapp’s corner, our dusty van bar...

  • Assembly Praise…

    On Friday, May 16 th, 2008

    In need of joy’s elixir? Take a moment and click through the Gratitude Community in the sidebar’s blogroll. You’ll be blessed. Nothing revives a heart like giving thanks. Just a wee glimpse of praises in the assembly: ~Kari splashes in joy with a photo blog of the 1000 gifts ~Meagan makes Dandelion Wine out of a late Monday morning and pancakes – yes! ...

  • Dandelion Wine

    On Thursday, May 15 th, 2008

    First light flows across carpet lawn, golden water flooding. I stand where the kitchen’s two corner windows meet, and watch day rise. Soundlessly she comes across wheat’s emerald glades, sweeps up to island-house, settles in gilded glory. And I cringe. This day He sends forth, she finds no petal strewn path, no lawns impeccably manicured. No, in this place we fete each new ...

  • The Profession of a Christian

    On Tuesday, May 13 th, 2008

    Wherever we work… in fields, in kitchens, in offices, in homes, in shops…. “Do not…forget God, but think on Him often, adore Him continually, live and die with Him; this is the glorious employment of a Christian. In a word, this is our profession; if we do not know it, we must learn it.” ~Brother Lawrence Today, Lord, help me learn… Relat...

  • Gestation Days

    On Monday, May 12 th, 2008

    I don’t remember how many times stainless needles poked about her blue veins in attempt to drain in another IV bag. You lose count in a storm of hyperemesis gravidarum that pounds relentlessly, leaving one limp and hanging over a toilet bowl. The days, weeks, months of wooziness, churning smells, swirling green nausea, it all eroded away at joy. But when a whisper of fing...

  • Of Criticism’s Heat and Water Flowing Down

    On Friday, May 09 th, 2008

    The criticism comes early in the day, burning. Apparently, I had botched it. Muddled it all. Truth for the speaker, a genuine experience that I needed to hear, attend to. Still, the words singed this heart. I let the words raze through the layers, smolder for hours, pieces of me blowing away, papery ash. It’s long and painful, this replay of searing words. The words keep rev...

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