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Eucharistic Living

  • To combat the demons…

    On Wednesday, July 09 th, 2008
    The son of author and international speaker Carol Kent, JP, an exemplary Navy officer and Christian, is serving a prison life sentence for murder. The August edition of “In Touch” magazine includes his story… and this leapt off the page: “JP Kent will never again see the outside world. He recieved a natural life sentence
  • Overflowing

    On Monday, June 30 th, 2008
    Thoughts from Martyn Lloyd-Jones: “If we give the impression that the main effect of Christianity is to make us miserable, then it is not surprising that ninety per cent of the people are outside the Christian church. ‘Miserable Christians,’ they say, ‘look at them!’ And they add that they have life, they have joy, they
  • Living in His Heart

    On Wednesday, June 25 th, 2008
    I have meandered through the city for nearly a week, but I haven’t figured out why I’ve come really, what I am doing here. This pervasive, quiet ache awakens me to what I hadn’t fully known: I am lost. True, I know the street I am staying on, the way down the cobblestone streets of
  • Slow Walk

    On Tuesday, June 24 th, 2008
    “And the slower the walk the better… the most productive pace is a snail’s pace. A large part of [a] walk is often spent standing still. A mile an hour may well be fast enough. For [the] goal is different from that of the pedestrian. It is not how far he goes that counts; it
  • All Good

    On Friday, June 13 th, 2008
    A note that made its way to the inbox…. “Your post “A Bowl of Cherries Bestowed” struck a cord with me. Without going into all the details, I suffer from gallstone attacks from time-to-time; these are excruciating. Last week, after 2 attacks I was in the hospital again. Once I was home, a dear gentleman
  • Gratitude in the midst of Pain….

    On Thursday, June 12 th, 2008
    In all created things discern the providence and wisdom of God, and in all things give Him thanks.- ~St. Teresa of Avila Notes from around the Gratitude Community… “Since I read about the gratitude community, I’ve wanted to be a part, but I hesitated. Not because I didn’t want to choose to be grateful, but
  • Measureless

    On Tuesday, June 10 th, 2008
    “Great things are they that you have done, O Lord my God! How great your wonders and your plans for us! There is none who can be compared with you. Oh, that I could make them known and tell them! But they are more than I can count.” ~Ps. 40:5-6 Father God, do I live
  • How to Spend the Day

    On Tuesday, June 10 th, 2008
    “If humility is a Christian duty, then the everyday life of a Christian must show forth humility. If we are called to care for the sick, the naked, and the imprisoned, these expressions of love must be a constant effort in our lives. If we are to love our enemies, our daily life must demonstrate
  • a bowl of cherries bestowed

    On Monday, June 09 th, 2008
    He and I, we bring home a cherry tree in the bed of the pickup, roots twelve years old (a year younger than him), fibrous and fragile, leaves slapping in the wind. And he’s telling me how much he paid for milky moon on buds, raindrops coursing down bark still smooth young, snow falling thick
  • A Saturday Psalm

    On Saturday, June 07 th, 2008
    Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever. Psalm 136:1 Children wrapped in picnic blanket and sunset on front lawn, laying back into words and imagination and a good day dimming… Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever. Sun bouquets found in ditches, tied
  • Weed Seeds

    On Wednesday, June 04 th, 2008
    Spheres on stilts perforate the lawn, these dandelions propped feasting planets for sun-grazed feathers. I watch from window, goldfinches flashing gold about the whitened old globes. And He who choreographs these explosions, soft and soundless, winds time, just until the end, to transform a weed universe, bitter and unwanted orbs, into a galaxy of seeds.
  • How to Drink the Cup of Salvation

    On Thursday, May 29 th, 2008
    Today, I am writing about Thirsting for God in Daily Work over at Laity Lodge’s High Calling. Because it’s all about choices. Will I drink the cup that He gives? I’d count it a privilege learn from you. I hope you’ll share how you choose to drink from His cup. Thank you, fellow sojourners on
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