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  • When You’re Trying to Live Faith & Grace
    in a Black & White World

    On Wednesday, August 20 th, 2014
    When you stand down at the river, the world get’s mighty quiet. Like the mightiness might actually come in the quiet. My Grandmother never told me that – But it’s what I tell the kids a thousand messy times, though they know I’m the one preaching the gospel of it to myself: When you’re worked up,
  • What No One Tells You About Fear & Comfort Zones & How To Change. the. World. [Final Update: Saturday Evening]

    On Saturday, August 09 th, 2014
    **[Final Update (!!)  at bottom of Post!] click below if you’d like to listen to the audio reading of this post? You can fold laundry, wash dishes, whip up dinner, and I’ll just read to you, ‘kay? We’re all about making it easier & doing life together here (warm smile)  {Consider turning off music by
  • How Women Can Stop Judging Each Other:
    A Movement of Key Women

    On Wednesday, July 30 th, 2014
    (audio reading of this post:) When Murielle Lowe knocked at the back door there, I about died to let her in. There was no time to toss Mount Rushed LaundryMore onto my unmade bed and fling shut the door. Not enough time to run a comb, straightener or miracle through my mess of rooster-tailed, cockamamie
  • 5 Truths When You Feel Tired & the World’s Broke Your Heart a Bit

    On Monday, July 28 th, 2014
    Ssometimes you just need someone to storm heaven for you Sometimes you just need someone to hoarse whisper it for you — Father of the Tired & Broken-Hearted… oh, hear our prayer…. Give Your Child the wisdom to know it this week: Hiding when you’re hurting won’t heal you and growing isolated can just let
  • How Your Life Really Can Change [and what to do when change comes]

    On Thursday, July 24 th, 2014
    Audio for this post: if you’d like to listen to today’s post — just click above on the arrow (not the text) for  an audio recording of this farm girl reading today’s post — and then scroll through the post?  {Consider turning off music by clicking the speaker bar near the bottom of  the left
  • How You Can Do One Small Thing Today To Make one BIG Difference: #EstherGeneration

    On Tuesday, June 24 th, 2014
    A year ago this week, my daughter Hope and I were in Uganda where we fell in love with our sisters there. The other half of the sky. We met young women like Lillian in the video below, born on that red dirt, who desperately need those of us with gifts to share those gifts.
  • How to Have What all Our Breaking Hearts Want Most this Father’s Day

    On Friday, June 13 th, 2014
    I sat with a man once – who told me about falling in love with a woman who was most alluring not in satin but in sweats, her hair undone and falling, laughing about something long ago, her head thrown back and her neck arching bare and lovely. That he couldn’t take his eyes off
  • Half the Sky: When You’re Ready to ACT to Bring All Girls Back: The Esther Initiative

    On Wednesday, May 07 th, 2014
    So the guy with white hair spoke under half the sky, spoke under a flinging of stars. Spoke like he was made up of some star-dust from the Star-breather, some cosmic flame burning up his bones. Like he was a wide-eyed kid who caught a bit of a comet and lit. The lady beside me
  • Why It’s All Okay at the end of the Week

    On Friday, April 04 th, 2014
    When I get home, the Farmer shows me these three stapled pages sent from the vet. A to-do list the length of your arm of what has to be done to protect all the pigs from some new disease. He talks in low tones, but I am really listening to what his eyes are saying.
  • 15 Keys to Parenting: What No One Tells You

    On Tuesday, April 01 st, 2014
    So when you curled up on my bed last night and we watched The Power of Ten — nothing could have prepared me for the exponential power of the broken bits of us. Of you four boys and two girls. And your dad and I letting go and becoming one and multiplying love at the
  • The 1 Thing You Have To Stop Doing If You Ever Want a Harvest [#JesusProject]

    On Wednesday, March 19 th, 2014
    This is the 8th instalment of our ongoing Wednesday series, unpacking the #JesusProject…. Today: John 4:35 of #TheJesusProject “Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, & see that the fields are white for harvest.”   The kid went but there was no way he was sticking up his hands. Not the first night anyways. He
  • The One Thing You Absolutely Must Get Rid of Today: #LetGoOfTheLie

    On Tuesday, March 18 th, 2014
    They say you gotta live free. But when my Uncle Paul started chasing me through the house with that snake when I was four? I found out you could live mostly with eyes just bugging out of your head, the lying fears strangling you right there at your thinning neck. Sure, he didn’t mean anything
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