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  • Learning our Name

    On Saturday, November 29 th, 2008

    Thinking more on when you call yourself names … “We are all under the same mental calamity: we have all forgotten our names.” ~G.K. Chesterton or click here to view at youtube (feel free to pause the music in the sidebar) But hear the song He sings over us? I Will Change Your Name…. I will change your name You shall no longer be called Wounded, Out...

  • Come in from the Cold…

    On Monday, November 24 th, 2008

    Winter winds blast and the Branch holds me and I forget not all His benefits, just, sadly, too many, when I was formed just for that, to bless the Lord, all that is within me, to bless His holy name. It is, but shouldn’t be hard, to remember the benefits of Him who is my good above all other who arches a cathedral over these long winter days a...

  • What I’m about…

    On Thursday, November 20 th, 2008

    Some kindly wondered what I believe… a statement of faith. Yes, here’s what I am purposing to live… what I’m about.

  • Living in Wait

    On Monday, November 10 th, 2008

    The earth is cold under my finger nails, granular black bits of time sticking to skin. I know what I’m made of. Today, with me bent in this place, earth’s damp soaking through denim’s knees, chilling me through, I too am waiting to return. I dig holes with a wedge of steel, waiting to return to earth too, and soul to ascend. Around the fringes of the dome, clouds scud gre...

  • Draw God

    On Tuesday, October 21 st, 2008

    Later I would learn that Uccello painted the Battle of San Romano with tempera on wood panel in 1435, a scene recounting the victory of the Florentines over the Sienese. But walking through the Louvre that day I didn’t know any of that. Frankly, the painting’s spirited clash of metal, charging horses, flapping banners appealed little to my pastoral, peace-loving sensibilit...

  • Extreme Faith

    On Monday, October 20 th, 2008

    The red sea of maples divides and we drive through on a part of dry gravel road, waves of color lapping in wind. A gust of autumn sprays brilliance. A splash of light carpets the way. We’re led through. “They say the colors are exceptionally vibrant this year.” He knows that’s what’s holding me rapt, silent. From the passenger seat, I look deep into Martin’s wood...

  • God does not leave us comfortless…

    On Friday, October 17 th, 2008

    …a thoughtful reader sent this hauntingly beautiful poem of Jane Kenyon’s, “Let Evening Come” “Let the light of late afternoon shine through chinks in the barn, moving up the bales as the sun moves down. Let the cricket take up chafing as a woman takes up her needles and her yarn. Let evening come…. Let the fox go back to its sandy den....

  • Stay in the Story

    On Friday, October 10 th, 2008

    It’s mid-morning and the cat’s taken refuge on an island of sunshine on the front porch swing. I watch her from the kitchen window. She closes eyes, curls around that warmth, her tail, now and then, waving from sunny shores. Under these undecided autumn skies, she’s found her place. It’s mid-morning and I’m struggling to find mine. Phone to confirm doctor appointmen...

  • Become the Story

    On Thursday, October 09 th, 2008

    We feed on stories. Like children, hungry, malnourished, we starve for words. But I wasn’t thinking any of that on Saturday, kneeled in a kitchen with a Grandma wrapping rosebud stems for a corsage and a bride fixing her veil while flowergirls swirl in sunlight. They, these old family friends, had asked if I might come to shoot some candids. Just while the bride dressed and...

  • Known

    On Tuesday, October 07 th, 2008

    (Forgive me… so far behind in responding to your kind notes… and sinus cold and achy bones lingering here… I humbly thank you for your grace… His grace in you… You are each loved, appreciated. Thank you… All’s grace, Ann) The land, all this land criss-crossed by gravel roads, roars with combines rounding up pods of gold nuggets, tract...

  • Knowing

    On Friday, October 03 rd, 2008

    In a soundbite world marked with woundsI sit quietedwith no words just Your Words for when I still and listen I knowAnd that is all there is to know. Lord, still us. So we can know. And rest.

  • The Convenantal Act of Remembering…

    On Monday, September 29 th, 2008

    Over the orchard, the sky dome arcs a transparent azure, a clear window to the heavens. I only know because I laid out on the grass under the limbs of the russet tree on a late September afternoon and stared up , long at that. By the end of summer, isn’t light exquisitely refined? Draping down through the leaves, this pure gold pools on verdant carpet, drenching me in warmth,...

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