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  • Advent Deliverance

    On Wednesday, December 17 th, 2008
    Part one of this advent series herePart two of this advent series here “Only one. The tractor trailer can’t make it – air compressor not working in this cold.” Farmer Husband yells the news to me over the drone of the tractor engine. I watch the small feed truck pull away from the empty auger,
  • Advent Deliverance

    On Tuesday, December 16 th, 2008
    Part one of this corn story here “Why do we get stuck with such an ugly tree?” Malakai wanders through living room, pauses before bare artificial needles, cocks his head in assessment, makes the final proclamation. I turn from stovetop and the stirring of slow bubble of potato and corn chowder, look his way. He’s
  • Oh, Open Your Present Early — You Really Need To!

    On Friday, December 12 th, 2008
    These are the weeks before Christmas. The darkest days of the year fall gently down upon us. And in the hushed quiet, in the dark of the come-early night, we sit with bated breath. We’ve been given a gift. One we didn’t have to make, bake, sew, buy, wrap, bag or tag. One we are
  • Prayer is the Product

    On Tuesday, December 09 th, 2008
    First light calls to prayer to ‘eucharisteo’ ’til last light falls because prayer is the product. ::: “Prayer is the Christian life, reduced to its essence.” ~Hank Hanegraaff Lord, though my hands may toil, the real, abiding work of this day is prayer. Could there be anymore yield to a day than remaining in Your
  • Waiting Hope (*update at bottom)

    On Friday, December 05 th, 2008
    White falls early, surpriseinvasion from sky, buryinggold, our gold, in winter’sgrip and I tell Farmer HusbandI won’t fold up autumn quilts flanking hearth,won’t yet gather up leaves and pumpkinsswagging the mantle,or cut greens and berries to deck the hallsjust yet, but I’ll wait ’til he minesthe last of our claim,claims the last of our nuggets,brings
  • Learning our Name

    On Saturday, November 29 th, 2008
    Thinking more on when you call yourself names … “We are all under the same mental calamity: we have all forgotten our names.” ~G.K. Chesterton or click here to view at youtube (feel free to pause the music in the sidebar) But hear the song He sings over us? I Will Change Your Name…. I
  • Come in from the Cold…

    On Monday, November 24 th, 2008
    Winter winds blast and the Branch holds me and I forget not all His benefits, just, sadly, too many, when I was formed just for that, to bless the Lord, all that is within me, to bless His holy name. It is, but shouldn’t be hard, to remember the benefits of Him who is my
  • What I’m about…

    On Thursday, November 20 th, 2008
    Some kindly wondered what I believe… a statement of faith. Yes, here’s what I am purposing to live… what I’m about.
  • Living in Wait

    On Monday, November 10 th, 2008
    The earth is cold under my finger nails, granular black bits of time sticking to skin. I know what I’m made of. Today, with me bent in this place, earth’s damp soaking through denim’s knees, chilling me through, I too am waiting to return. I dig holes with a wedge of steel, waiting to return
  • Draw God

    On Tuesday, October 21 st, 2008
    Later I would learn that Uccello painted the Battle of San Romano with tempera on wood panel in 1435, a scene recounting the victory of the Florentines over the Sienese. But walking through the Louvre that day I didn’t know any of that. Frankly, the painting’s spirited clash of metal, charging horses, flapping banners appealed
  • Extreme Faith

    On Monday, October 20 th, 2008
    The red sea of maples divides and we drive through on a part of dry gravel road, waves of color lapping in wind. A gust of autumn sprays brilliance. A splash of light carpets the way. We’re led through. “They say the colors are exceptionally vibrant this year.” He knows that’s what’s holding me rapt,
  • God does not leave us comfortless…

    On Friday, October 17 th, 2008
    …a thoughtful reader sent this hauntingly beautiful poem of Jane Kenyon’s, “Let Evening Come” “Let the light of late afternoon shine through chinks in the barn, moving up the bales as the sun moves down. Let the cricket take up chafing as a woman takes up her needles and her yarn. Let evening come…. Let
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