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  • 2012: A Year in Photos {and 7 Links for 2013}

    On Saturday, December 29 th, 2012

    From calendar page to calendar page, the moments are our lives and the years are blinks. {just a few photos from the farm and 2012:} “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.” Rev. 4:11 And 7 Great Links for a New Year: A new plan...

  • The Real Truth about the Real First Thanksgiving {Free Printable}

    On Friday, November 02 nd, 2012

    That field of beans west of the barn, it looked gaunt come end of October, bean pods all hanging like bony ribs. Whenever the wind sighed, the whole field just rattled skinny. That’s how my Dad always spoke of a railish man, that you could count his ribs. Nothing in me wanted to count those beans, know the yield, from this spare field. When the Farmer rolled the combine in a...

  • How Do You Find Joy? {One Thousand Gifts Small Group DVD Study}

    On Thursday, October 25 th, 2012

    Come to the farm? Would you? Remember this — when things were afoot on the farm and my knees wouldn’t stop knocking and I whispered, Please pray? — and you did? It’s ready now! And it was all our gift for you!  We prayed hard and we thought of the weary mama at the sink and the man who keeps working hard and rarely picks up a book, thought of the ...

  • The Best Way to Handle Hunger Cravings {The Pumpkin Cannon Edition: Fridays on the Farm}

    On Friday, September 28 th, 2012

    The men brought the pumpkin cannon. And all the church ladies brought pie, 160 pies. We made peach. And my brother rolled out of bed in the 2 am dark to begin the pig roast under stars. By 4 in the afternoon, when the sky’s sculling billowy and hope-full, we were ready. And this community of gravel backroads and dairy barns and 4 wheel drive pickup trucks, t...

  • The 1 Habit We Can’t Afford to Forget

    On Wednesday, September 12 th, 2012

    It’s after the Farmer checks over the combine that I crawl in the cab, in beside him in that ratty old t-shirt. Something about a man who wears his work with no shame. “Ride a few rounds with me?” The engine’s drowning out that quiet voice of his. I sit closer, my shoulder pressing against his. His dirt-lined hands man that steering wheel arou...

  • The Very Best Way to Schedule Your Life {The Law of Life}

    On Thursday, August 09 th, 2012

    I confess, it felt counter-intuitive—just plain wrong. Just plain, straight out wrong to bend over each strawberry plant, press the delicate white petals —  and all subsequent hopes of fleshy scarlet sweet —  press between thumb and index finger — and then just pluck it off.   I had forced myself on because of the Googled reassurance: “Pick off a...

  • The Light We Need to See Everyone In

    On Friday, July 27 th, 2012

    Been praying this week for Amber and Seth Haines and their little Titus. I’ve been memorizing Sermon on the Mount, all of Matthew 5-7, with these earnest folks (and a whole community of memorizers!), and God’s got us on a journey.  Seth, a lawyer, a mighty fine writer, good husband and praying father to four future men — he guest posts here with a few needful...

  • When All Hope Feels Like a Drought

    On Wednesday, July 25 th, 2012

    Aman can watch the sky like a plea. “And we didn’t get nothing — not one drop.” That’s what the farmer’s wife said to me before breakfast. How she headed home from town in a flat-out gully washer of a rain, thinking this was finally it — the whole dark sky like the ocean coming to find dry land, and she was just certain of it, the ra...

  • A Letter For All the World’s Daughters

    On Monday, July 23 rd, 2012

    I wouldn’t have gone to the gold fields if it wasn’t for you. If you hadn’t handed me Advil for my fever and sore throat, a glass of water for the Advil, a promise that it’d only be 10 minutes and I’d be sorry if I didn’t go to the fields. We brought the food you’d made for the men. One plate for your Dad in the combine and one plate fo...

  • Why Now is the Perfect Time

    On Friday, July 06 th, 2012

    On the way into town, the boy told me the wheat was about ready. And I look across to the west and all those gold heads swaying yes — and I look over at him, elbow resting half out the window and all July’s heat blowing in, and none of this was supposed to happen this way. The Farmer had said yes, if any week would work, he had said this one would —  after ...

  • what’s been afoot this week on the Farm {Friday on the Farm}

    On Friday, June 29 th, 2012

    And come Friday, after such a week, I’m very ready to curl up very quiet… Shalom, she’s has been staying close all week, her and Kai dangling their heads and goofy smiles into frames, Levi and her bouncing grinning cameramen hard on trampolines. When I’d finally just find a pillow in the evenings, she’d pat my cheek and lean into whisper,...

  • When Everyone Else Seems to be Winning — and You feel like a bit of a Loser

    On Tuesday, June 26 th, 2012

    And today dawns and we’ll try to get some photos of the happy crazy that’s afoot in this neck of the woods — so stay tuned! {Might you pray for the Farmer and I today?} So we’re pulling up another chair this morning on the front porch for some shimmering story-telling from fellow farmer’s wife and very good friend, Jennifer Dukes Lee — words ...

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