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  • When You Feel like Your Life’s a Mess …. The Real Truth About Your Dirt

    On Thursday, May 17 th, 2012

    When he walks through the kitchen with his hair showered clean but his face looking like that, I just have to laugh. “What?” he says. “Really, I showered, Mom, I did.” Levi stands indignant, hands on hip, and I nod half serious. “You showered?” “Yes, Mom! It’s only my clothes that are dirty.” He’s been picking stones ...

  • Why We Honor You This Mother’s Day: Because You Really Mother Thousands

    On Friday, May 11 th, 2012

      Because there’s something about the sound of opening up a bag of seeds in spring. Something about holding a promise right there in the palm of your hand. And the Farmer’s whole tilled field, she’s laid right open, expectant and waiting. The Farmer’s got his Wranglers on and he’s got his hands into those seeds all like pearls and the man’s ...

  • Best Books Review {Farm on Friday}

    On Friday, May 04 th, 2012

    TThat’s what I tell Hope when she says she fell asleep reading a good book. “Falling asleep with a good book in your hands is about as close as you can get to someone rocking you to sleep.” And I wink and she laughs, “Is that why you have all those stacks by your bed?” And I nod and laugh with her. And the hens peck and cluck happy on a Frid...

  • What Happens if You Really Believe… {Come to the Farm on Friday: Sermon on the Mount Video with hens}

    On Friday, April 27 th, 2012

    Come to the farm on Friday? Mount the Mount with us? Consider the words of Jesus’s upending, uprighting Sermon … And come be the lamb that knows the Shepherd’s voice… the chick that tucks safe under the faithful offering of His wing. CLICK HERE TO COME TO OUR FARM: Watch the video with our hens & my attempt to recite Sermon on the Mount, Matt. 5:1...

  • When You Want a Great Life Plan

    On Thursday, April 26 th, 2012

    The day after Resurrection Sunday, day after the world stopped because God had risen up and walked out of the earth — his father came and sat at the table, and we hadn’t seen him in four months. We served the last of the lamb and the first of that spinach. And the Farmer sat at the table with his dad and they sit at the table and talk dirt and wheat and land and hor...

  • How to be glad: Friday on the Farm

    On Friday, April 13 th, 2012

      “David said it all: I saw God before me for all time. Nothing can shake me; He’s right by my side. I’m glad from the inside out, ecstatic; … with Your face shining sun-joy all around.“   ~ Acts 2:28 MSG   See Him before you all the time — and have the happiest Friday, friend! Related Post: if you’d li...

  • How in this World Do You Find Joy? ……. {Holy Week: Part 4}

    On Thursday, April 05 th, 2012

    In the middle of Passion Week, we work dirt. We pick stones off the field, haul off rocks to ready a seed bed. There are eggs in an incubator downstairs in a closet. The whole world is this ticking, waiting, readying thing, on the brink of something cosmic, on the brink of the Biggest Bang — that slamming hammer and the howl of God ringing to the stars. That’s what ...

  • so… where you from, friend?

    On Friday, March 09 th, 2012

    Iam from dirt fields and Case International tractors and waving fields of wheat hanging heavy in the heat of August afternoons. I am from an old red brick house under a stretching apple tree with limbs like a ladder for barefeet, and Cowboys and Indians and hiding out behind the barn when company comes up the lane. I am from the Queen Anne’s lace lining roadsides and ...

  • The Real First Thanksgiving Keep Calm & Count On {free printable}

    On Monday, November 21 st, 2011

    That field of beans west of the barn, it looked gaunt come October, bean pods all hanging like bony ribs. Whenever the wind sighed, the whole field just rattled skinny. That’s how my Dad always spoke of a railish man, that you could count his ribs. Nothing in me wanted to count those beans, know the yield, from this spare field. When the Farmer rolled the combine in and lowe...

  • When You Desperately Want God to Hear Your Prayers

    On Wednesday, November 02 nd, 2011

    When we buy her two pygmy goats for her birthday, who knew how big faith could get? We bring them home in June in a mini-van with no air-conditioning. Two miniature goats neighing back and forth —  on the laps of two boys making jokes about something warm running down their legs. “We do need to name them,” the birthday girl announces. She strokes one goat’s speckl...

  • A Harvest of Hope: What is the Christian Response to Hunger?

    On Friday, October 07 th, 2011

    My Dad had said we’d never see anything like it again — not in our life times. 120 combines lined up around one field — 160 acres of soybeans. A harvest of less than 12 minutes. An attempt at a world record. All crop donated to world hunger. They were calling it a harvest for hunger. The Farmer and his brother. My Dad and the neighbor. Farmers in their w...

  • when things get broken

    On Tuesday, September 20 th, 2011

    The morning’s barely warm, early and breaking. On the way in from the hen house, she trips on the back step and drops the only egg she’s found. How do you tell someone that there are times it’s best to leave some of the pieces of your life behind? That sometimes leaving pieces of the shell behind just might release you. You never break apart — you break ...

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