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  • What Your Christmas Needs to Really be Merry

    On Monday, December 10 th, 2012
    The Practice of the Pause And on a whirling world, in the middle of the blur, you just hold a pause — at the end of one smeared moment — and before the next, holding the moments right to their very end with the full length of all your attention, these lingering, weighted pauses, heavy with
  • The Grateful Christmas Project: 7 Ways to have more Grateful Kids this Christmas

    On Monday, December 03 rd, 2012
    I‘m thinking it’s almost a dozen years now, nothing under the Christmas tree here. Strange, the way children teach men. The whole crazy, unexpected thing, it started at bedtime one year, I do remember that. Smoothing back hair, kissing foreheads. I had gifts to wrap. So, I pulled up the blankets. Prayers. And then, when
  • How Beards & Men & Random Acts of Kindness Can Change the World

    On Tuesday, November 27 th, 2012
    I can’t ever say that kissing him before was painful. I mean, nothing about him ever scratched abrasive and rough, nothing like the grit side of an unused emory board, the backside of a knot of burrs. The man just grabbed me around the waist and most days the warm side of him feels only
  • How to Have the Best Holiday Season? Your Turn

    On Tuesday, November 20 th, 2012
      Praying His astonishing joy for each of you… Walking with you and kneeling long and thanking you for grace.  Your turn is always waiting here  or here for whenever you’d like to share your God-story: We’re all ears and heart and prayer and believing He’s just waiting to lavish you with joy. in. Him.  Resources for
  • The One Holiday that God Demands is All of our Days?

    On Monday, November 19 th, 2012
    We’re laughing like these crazy loons out in the middle of a field of corn. The Farmer’s got hold of that combine seat like he’s on this one-time shot at the whole round moon. It’s harvest and a time of thanksgiving and the holy cusp of Advent and you won’t pass by this way again
  • The Holiday that could become All of our Days — & change our lives

    On Monday, November 05 th, 2012
    The woman I meet up on the concourse, she tells me she was done. Done with the man and the ring and the vows, done with the kids, done with her life. Her eyes are so large and fragile, hands trembling, the way your world can quake and break and the aftershocks rattle you and
  • How to Prepare for Storms

    On Monday, October 29 th, 2012
    Storm coming. The geese fly, this black arrow renting the sky before the rain and wind battle in. And we get the pumpkins and squash in, have the bread and applesauce out in the kitchen, and it’s always this – how do you live through storms?  And it’s there on the counter, that thanking journal –
  • How to Handle Losses

    On Monday, October 22 nd, 2012
    All through the woods, the trees are letting go. I told the Farmer on the way home from Sunday chapel — when we came up to the top of Bobbie Johnson’s corner, and just before he turned, where you could look long to the northwest and out across Gingerich’s cornfield to their woodlot with the
  • Best Tips for Effective Time Management

    On Monday, October 08 th, 2012
    (Take time today for the Thanksgiving Chair? Best use of time… to live like this. If reading in a reader or email, view the video here… Consider pausing the music directly under the header?) On Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend… Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, for his steadfast love endures forever! … they
  • Best Way to Begin October: 31 Days to Crazy Joy {with Farm Video}

    On Monday, October 01 st, 2012
    Welcome! To 31 Days?! I’ve never done a “31 days” before. I’m crazy. Crazy enough to think that everyone who breathes is a wild crusader for holy joy. The woman bent over the stove. The man pulling on work boots. All those who feel invisible and unimportant and alone and discouraged and … wondering —
  • What Every Hard Week Needs to Know

    On Monday, September 24 th, 2012
    Sometimes, even right before it really begins, you know how the week’s going to go. I look in the mirror early on a Monday morning, the bedhead looking more like a monsterhead, and I look right into that water-splattered mirror. And tell the woman looking back at me how the next seven days are likely
  • When Everything’s Pressing in a bit Too Much & You’d Just like Some Answers

    On Monday, September 17 th, 2012
    I sat across from a woman who just kept looking up at the ceiling to keep herself from falling apart. Looked at the ceiling like she was looking for answers from somewhere on high. Looked at the ceiling and told me that she loved God and she hated God and right now was best of
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