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  • How to Put One Foot in Front of the Other

    On Wednesday, November 13 th, 2013

    Some guy I ran into said you should walk through life as though your feet are kissing the earth. I tell him he really shouldn’t use the word should. Yeah, the irony of that is not lost on me. But, hey, neither is the sharp edge of his point: The week that a couple thousands people are washed away by walls of raging water – screaming toddlers with big eyes and wrinkled grand...

  • So God Made a Mother:
    When the Giving Tree is Really The Giving Mother *Updated

    On Monday, May 06 th, 2013

    So, sure, there was this talk of The Giving Tree – but there wasn’t one of us who didn’t know all along it was you, The Giving Mother. You who leaned over a stove and stirred and let spices fall like leaves and you ladled and we slurped and it would be remembered when we were old, the meatballs that you shaped and the noodles on Sunday nights with the Mag...

  • The 1 Thing Radical Really Definitely Has to Look Like — Right Where We Are

    On Friday, March 15 th, 2013

    No one just straight up tells you that the things you’ve seen — become what you see. That you’ll close your eyes a thousand nights from now and it will all be real again — where you were and what they wore, that one look, that one moment, that one frame. That you’ll see the world through what you’ve seen of the world and there’s no goi...

  • How Women Can Get Radical For Their Sisters

    On Tuesday, February 26 th, 2013

    When you pick up the garbage in the streets of Minoterie, there’s the sun burning up the back of your bare white neck. And crumpled tin cans and sucked-dry water bags and an AIM toothpaste box and empty rum bottles. And barefoot boys kicking a ball, and boys begging you for just one swallow water, and boys lacing their fingers around your sweaty hand. You can bend down li...

  • How to Make a Miracle Happen

    On Friday, February 22 nd, 2013

    They still do happen, miracles, a bit like a flash in the sky. Coming up the backside of things, coming up from the other way. Caleb said it as soon as we drove in, that we’d  been at this church, at Compassion’s school here, last July. I told him that nah, that he was all turned around, that we’d never come this way before. “You sure?&...

  • The 1 Thing You Really Have to Know About Your Family

    On Thursday, February 21 st, 2013

    Over here today ….  It’s good to be rocked and changed with you all…           Related: Of Women & Sisters & Family & How You Really Speak Lent Why It’s Okay to Cry When Lent and Valentines Collide: 40 Days of ThanksLoving  

  • Of Women & Sisters & Family & How You Really Speak Lent

    On Wednesday, February 20 th, 2013

    So Shalom has this bag made by 3 Cords in Haiti that she carries her shoes and Bible in it to Wednesday night Kids Club, and sometimes a hen or a pig, depending on how the day slants and careens. That’s the bag the kid keeps hanging on the first hook inside the back door and that’s the bag she swings over her shoulder like she’s always slinging pure lov...

  • Why It’s Okay to Cry

    On Monday, February 18 th, 2013

    Apparently if you try to carry a vintage sewing machine through an airport security in your carry-on, you can get yourself patted won. Even if you have all your white hair wrapped up in a bun and you are wearing worn Reeboks with your skirt. Mama just took it like a grandma, thanked TSA, grabbed her bag with said sewing machine and marshalled us like a battalion: “LetR...

  • 10 Real Ways You Could Really Be the Change in the World

    On Thursday, July 19 th, 2012

    In the days after, my throat about seals off. On the edge of the bed in the dark before morning, all I can do is is sit at the edge of the world and close my eyes, wince through every hard searing. It hurts and it doesn’t matter because there’s no getting around it — you do have to figure a way out to swallow the world down. They had said this would happen ...

  • The 1 Thing You Really have to Know About Your Family

    On Tuesday, July 17 th, 2012

    Iam not going to lie. When your kin comes knocking on your own back door — come to ask how that trip to Haiti went — how can you look them in the eye and lie? How can you lie still when babies are drowning in a sea of poverty? How can you not scream? I tell Mama that I think I’m angry. Mama sits down. And I pace, this hunting for words for the indescribable. ...

  • weekends are for the best worship

    On Saturday, July 14 th, 2012

    Coming to you live from our drive through Port Au Prince this morning…. {Please consider clicking off music slider just below top nav bar to hear the best kind of worship — right in the midst. RSS readers can view video here… } and what song’s on repeat in my heart Caleb and sweet Kechnaider who needs a sponsor {b: June 25, 2008)… Cale hanging...

  • When You are Looking For Hope

    On Friday, July 13 th, 2012

    ‘If there are hopeless places — Haiti is almost a hopeless place.” That’s what the guy in jeans and the stamped up passport had told us before we went anyways. On a street to the south, a man bent and twisted by struggle and sun, he slugs a shovel load of rubble high up into a dump truck. Mounds of charcoal, flip flops, rice, garbage heave up on a pitted st...

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