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  • Do What Mother Did

    On Friday, May 11 th, 2007
    I sat on the edge of the bed last night, Darryl softly filling the night silence with slumber breaths. In the wave of the old glass mirror, I could see my Grandmother’s brown quilted sampler hanging on the far wall. Before me were the nine-patch squares of my mother’s wall hanging. Stitches to be fingered,
  • Real Love (Part 2)

    On Monday, April 16 th, 2007
    A note in my inbox… from a reader who warrants a Thinking Award with the insights she quietly offers…so I share: “This morning I was looking at this beautiful pot that my sister had bought me as a gift. I was thinking about how much I loved it. You know how when you’re young and
  • Steam, Escape and Pressure Work

    On Wednesday, February 21 st, 2007
    The pressure of it all gets to me. Come noon, and I am feeling it, like someone turned the heat to searing hot high: dear husband walks in the back door looking for a heaping plate of steaming hot food, toddler is rubbing her eyes with her pudgy fist, whimpering loudly for sleep, one child
  • This is Your Life

    On Wednesday, February 14 th, 2007
    “I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse.So choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants, by loving the LORD your God,by obeying His voice,and by holding fast to Him; for this is your life… “ ~Deu. 30:20
  • Peace isn’t a place…

    On Tuesday, January 23 rd, 2007
    Peace isn’t a place we live in. The house—and me—spins: laundry, school lessons, library books, basketball games, bills, phone calls, meals, dishes, women’s Bible Studies, diapers. Too often, I am dizzy: Anyone know how to get off? In the whirl of it all I crave retreat, sanctuary, monastery. On the milestone of my thirtieth birthday,
  • Bridging the Valleys

    On Wednesday, January 17 th, 2007
    Sickness comes quietly, unexpectedly.Aching ear drums, rolling tummies, burning cheeks.Yet illness always comes accompanied.Love sweeps in behind. Prayers whispered by big sisters.Cool drinks for sore throats brought by little brothers.A little one bursts into tears, “I am so sad that our baby is sick.Can I hold her too?”Two weary parents keep the night watches,whispering long
  • A Home’s Primary Purpose

    On Thursday, December 21 st, 2006
    Thinking on Christmas traditions … and hospitality… and the purpose of this home and family… and these snippets from today’s Slice of Infinity with Ravi Zacharias “Some years ago, we were spending Christmas in the home of my wife’s parents. It was not a happy day in the household… Yet, in the midst of all
  • Our Song: Abide

    On Friday, December 15 th, 2006
    Father God, Abide with me; fast falls the eventide;And such a day it was. (I woke late… up too long last night, planning and organizing.) So we began, praying and singing, listening and reading over bowls of cereal and orange juice. One of the bowls broke, the glass vase of red dogwood accidently tipped over
  • Thinking like a Server

    On Friday, December 08 th, 2006
    I muddle a lot of things, and this appears to be no exception. I had read the post, Think like a Restaurant Server last summer, and its concept of housecleaning stuck— a blog post that had transforming effects. I was deeply rethinking what it means to work, reflecting and writing about what work is about….
  • One Question

    On Thursday, November 30 th, 2006
    “Did the life I lived today please you, God? How many things do we check off on our to-do list before we can yes to a question like that? Only one. Have I loved well?… St. John of the Cross once said that, “at the evening of our day we shall be judged by our
  • Life Gift: Wrung Out

    On Monday, November 27 th, 2006
    A note left in my inbox, from the very wise Elise of Joy in the Morning …. words I don’t want to forget, but scratch on my heart: “[Thinking on our life as gift] is so timely, as we come into a season that tends to be full of “what I want”. I try to
  • The Gift: Use it

    On Saturday, November 25 th, 2006
    There are some gifts I have unwrapped, like that glass reindeer salt and pepper shaker set from a most kind uncle who shall, out of respect, remain nameless, over which I have smiled sweetly, expressed genuine gratitude…. and quietly set a storage room shelf in the basement, never to use. I can receive a gift,
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