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  • When You Feel Like You Keep Blowing It

    On Tuesday, May 20 th, 2014

    When I’m still brushing my teeth on a Sunday and the kids, all ironed and parted and combed and waiting, scuffle loud at the door, he pokes his head in near the mirror,  and he says it quiet. That we are almost too late for church now anyways, that it’s nearly 10:30 already and there isn’t much point as we’ll be at least 15 minutes late now. I huff ridi...

  • How to Win What Your Brave & Broken Heart Needs in Real Life: The Bench Principle [Giveaway!]

    On Thursday, April 10 th, 2014

        So you’re on the other side of this screen right now, scanning words for something to stitch up the hairline fractures of your heart. You’re the one who keeps doing it: Sometimes the bravest thing is showing up for your life everyday. You keep remaining when it’d be easier to run. Keep doggedly hoping for better when it’d be more than a mite easier to be...

  • 7 Things You Really Need When You’re Overwhelmed and Can’t Keep Up

    On Thursday, March 13 th, 2014

    They say that there are 62 lego pieces for every one person on the planet. And I’m thinking that with that thrifted rubbermaid tub found at the Sally Ann, this house has several thousand over that ratio. There are legos across the basement floor and under the boys’ bed and scattered ones abandoned in the bottom of drawers, remnants of pockets and dreams. There ar...

  • Why the Battle for Joy is Worth It

    On Tuesday, February 18 th, 2014

    The words for all of this beauty on #TheFarmHicksAdventure is coming. But for today, I’m over here at (in)courage – “Why the Battle for Joy is Really Worth It”…         Related: Coming soon! Lord willing! I can’t wait! The miracle unfolding:  The Movement that began with Two Words My Story of Radical Gratitude Take the...

  • Why You Really Should Smile Right Now #SmileProject

    On Tuesday, October 22 nd, 2013

    When a nurse calls early and says she has the results of the chest x-ray, I’m standing in the kitchen. A kitchen of muffin tins and cracked eggs and two frying pans and the bacon already gone. She puts me on hold to get the file. I scratch away at the glass splattered stovetop with a razor, as if there’s this way — this way to cut things right down to the bone...

  • A Prayer for a Daughter

    On Tuesday, September 24 th, 2013

        Over here today…    and I really need to connect with you over there & what’s going on in your heart      

  • A Prayer for All the World’s Sons {In Honor of the #RoyalBaby}

    On Tuesday, July 23 rd, 2013

    Lord, let there still be a few good men. Sure, in the end, there’s a small chance we’d like no rings through nostrils or studs through tongues or ivory plugs through earlobes — but the only mattering part is that he’s pierced by Your love, marked by grace, run through with mercy and one untiring sense of humor. A world tilted as wild as this one needs a...

  • When You Want to Live Your Best Life?

    On Thursday, June 27 th, 2013

    ‘Idon’t have much time left, really.” My father’s voice on the other end of the line reminds me of my grandfather’s. It’s been nearly ten years since I heard that voice. I’m making beds. I can see Dad at his breakfast table. “At best, maybe fifteen years. I’m on my last chapter.” He pauses and I let the empty space beckon answers. Grandpa died at...

  • When the Negativity & Pessimism are Getting to You

    On Friday, May 24 th, 2013

    My Grandma Ruth, she ever only saw a cup one way. Didn’t matter if the tea’d been poured out or if the sky’d tipped over or the tap was still running loud. Every cup she ever held or tipped back or drank from, they were all right empty as far as she was concerned. She’d been dying of old age since she was 42. Every picnic was bound to get rained out. My...

  • The One Song No Woman can Afford to Miss

    On Tuesday, April 23 rd, 2013

    I heard of a woman once, who when she was with child, she turned and this song swelled in her, her child’s own song, and she would hum it as she washed pots. Hum it as she did her hair up, hum that song like a beckoning. And when that woman swayed at the end of her ripening, just before the child came, she had hummed it low between each tightening, how she had hummed that...

  • The 1 Thing You Really Have to Know About Your Family

    On Thursday, February 21 st, 2013

    Over here today ….  It’s good to be rocked and changed with you all…           Related: Of Women & Sisters & Family & How You Really Speak Lent Why It’s Okay to Cry When Lent and Valentines Collide: 40 Days of ThanksLoving  

  • Your Care Guide: 25 Point Manifesto for Sanity in 2013

    On Thursday, January 24 th, 2013

    So I’m a mess and we’re all failures — at least all the honest of us are. And the truth is, no one ever runs before they take baby steps.  So I scratch down these 25 points, a manifesto for sanity and there are a thousand ways in a thousand seasons to make a life glorify God. I scrawl out mine, which would be different than yours, and make a place for it on...

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