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  • One of the Key Secrets about Joy . . . . . {Free Printable}

    On Tuesday, October 02 nd, 2012
      “Choose Joy. The universe works this way: you can choose joy like your weather, like your very own sky.  Like your very own oxygen.”     For the one key secret and a very free printable … and a space to be real and velveteen – Please come join in over here today?   We’re saving a
  • When You feel like Pulling Your Hair Out…

    On Thursday, July 26 th, 2012
    “This is the order of love: First love is patient. And patience is first a willingness to say thanks in suffering.  Patience in the moment only comes from gratefulness for the moment. …. ”  continue reading  . . Feeling the pressure of life? Struggling to be patient when it’s all just pressing real hard? We’re
  • A Prayer for the Broken Hearted

    On Thursday, May 31 st, 2012
    The best way to tend to your open wounds is to open your arms. Out-loving is the only ointment that healed anything. : : We’re over here today…
  • 15 Reasons Why Community is Important …. {Even if You’ve Been Hurt}

    On Thursday, April 12 th, 2012
    : 15 Reasons To Keep Reaching out {Even When You’ve Been Hurt}   1. Christ is the Body and He is Love and both can only exist in community   2. God’s people are given the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5) and reconciliation begins first in our homes, down the street, in this pew,
  • The Importance of Being the Prodigal Parent

    On Thursday, March 15 th, 2012
    I don’t know who said you couldn’t, but they were dead wrong. You could be death wish over a toilet, a flagrant sinner over a credit card, a Pharisee over a pulpit, and it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter a hill of beans. And it’s a hill I’d die on, because that’s exactly why a
  • 4 Ways to be a Better Friend

    On Thursday, February 23 rd, 2012
    It was after Mare Griebe* said she was done with me, that I knew. Mare, she had taken me to my first youth Bible study. She delivered the thick folded notes from the first boy who ever asked me out. And I had flown half across the country to be her maid of honor, then again,
  • 5 Ways to Fight Through to a Loving Marriage {What You’re Trying to Tell Him When You’re Angry}

    On Thursday, February 09 th, 2012
    Ithink we were standing outside the back door, out by the white pickup under the Big Dipper, when I turned and said it. Said I hated him. The dark can make you brave. Or a fool. But when you’re twenty-two and think you know everything, panic can tear up your chest like this howl that
  • Tiger Mother? The Making of Velveteen Mothers

    On Tuesday, October 25 th, 2011
    Working through motherhood over here in this post today… Join the conversation over here… :: :: :: :: :: :: ::
  • If You’ve Ever Been Wounded by Women…

    On Tuesday, September 27 th, 2011
    The dark’s ever bothered me much. It’s women who have scared me. Women can haunt with shadows of their own. … Ever been wounded by women? Why hadn’t I been patient with friendship? Why hadn’t I seen that the price of being safe — is the cost of being solitary? Why hadn’t I seen that
  • when God’s calling you

    On Thursday, August 25 th, 2011
    When Malakai’s afraid, he chews on his bottom lip like his grandmother. And there’s no getting around it: He looks like a caged coon up there in the pew before the piano — biting at his lip, hands fidgeting. He looks like he’s already flung ahead in his mind to the part of this piano
  • when you’ve been wounded, cheated, disappointed & heartbroken

    On Tuesday, May 31 st, 2011
    N ot all enemies carry arrows. My grandfather just carried a six pack and a pitiful hangover. Julie Redbook, she carried a grudge so heavy it crushed a few bones of my childhood. And there’s this woman I know who carries around the shame of slapping her son. And tearing into her good man with
  • if your heart’s breaking just a bit…

    On Thursday, April 28 th, 2011
    In a fallen world, we trip and break our hearts. Shalom comes to me with her’s cut directly out of paper.   To continue reading over at (in)Courage… :: :: ::
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