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Joy Habit

  • weekends are for the mess

    On Saturday, April 10 th, 2010
    And I’m in our bedroom stacking The Farmer’s freshly laundered denims when I hear the back door slam shut. Malakai’s in. And I hear his still-outside voice holler loud at Shalom over the brrr whirl of the pop-pop-pop-popcorn maker, “Popcorn? Did Mom really say you could make popcorn, Shalom?” And I hear it too when
  • Why We Need Not Despair…

    On Monday, April 05 th, 2010
    ‘Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song!‘ ~ John Paul II Christ is risen from the stiff and catatonic dead and He is but a sign of all things coming and who can despair when the head of the enemy has been entirely crushed? Whatever weighs a
  • The One Word that Heals when The Passing of Time Hurts

    On Monday, March 15 th, 2010
    Life is sometimes so beautiful and messy and perfect that the heart grieves mad at moving on. Littlest One who isn’t very little at all anymore, she finds a box this weekend of carefully folded dresses on a low shelf in a storage room. Boxed up years ago, when her sister’s legs and arms and
  • What To Do When it’s a Hard Day…

    On Thursday, February 04 th, 2010
    ‘Dear Levi, I am so glad you asked your Great-Granny to come and help you learn to make biscuits. Your mom posted the recipe on a day when I was struggling with schooling my own two boys, 10, and nearly 7. I put the schoolbooks away and I got out the flour and a bowl
  • Sing: Light in the Dark (#2)

    On Friday, January 22 nd, 2010
    There were birds today. I hear them as I come in up the back step, the mail in hand. I stand and listen and I look for them in trees, in limbs, in light. Chickering and chattering, all invisible. I have missed them. I didn’t know I had missed them until I heard them. Silence
  • Looking for Light in the Dark: #1

    On Monday, January 18 th, 2010
    ‘When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul. ~ Psalm 94:19 #1349. From my post at the sink, I could see the porcelain knobs warming in sunlight — another day just waiting to open up to good things. I really could rejoice!   #1350. I always leave one small nail in the beam
  • As a man thinketh…

    On Monday, January 11 th, 2010
    A man is what he thinks about all day long. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson So all day long I number gifts and I become consumed with the God-giver. To be praise — is there greater joy? 1345. When Dad opens the door of his resurrected barn, and points up to show me the beams, I nod,
  • The Real Secret to Happy Homemaking

    On Friday, January 08 th, 2010
    TThe epiphany comes after Epiphany, in my first week of the year of yes. A blue jay sits in the spruce boughs. The washing machine hums as it scales Mount Washmore. A half dozen boisterous kids play dominoes and cut paper and sew material and clack the long needles. I’m standing in the kitchen with
  • what Grace asks

    On Friday, November 13 th, 2009
    I know nothing except what everyone knows – if there when Grace dances, I should dance.” – W. H. Auden When November fell gold, we picked her up by the hand,and when Grace, she sang in the woods, I laughed,our feet tripping on air, our hair flying, our hearts pounding with the glory. I laugh
  • The Beauty Challenge: Because God’s Everywhere

    On Monday, November 02 nd, 2009
    She’s talking and I’ve got the phone cradled between neck and shoulder, putting away the ever wandering books, the lost knitting needles, the apple cores that belong. in. the. compost. And sister’s voice is keeping me company (don’t sisters the world over keep their houses while keeping company, phone to ears?) and I don’t remember
  • Slow Down: To Seek

    On Wednesday, October 14 th, 2009
    She loses what’s hers and comes plaintive, begging where it might be, and I send her looking under chairs, the second shelf of my library closet, perhaps under our bed, her father’s far side? And her mournful cry, bay of hound on the hunt, draws out the brothers, and she tugs one end of the
  • Thanksgiving Everyday

    On Monday, October 12 th, 2009
    On a Thanksgiving weekend on a farm in Canada, we gather pumpkins from our patch by the barn, the seeds we planted in May swollen into orange suns of summer. And we pile the wagon high, too high, and the geese fly over, black arrows renting sky, season’s war cry before winter, and a Farmer
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