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Joy Habit

  • Gathering Joy

    On Monday, September 28 th, 2009

    She keeps it by her Bible. Clay shaped by hands, a pottery jar, there on the kitchen table, always there by her Bible, both open for the taking. I don’t ask her about it. At the end of a phone call in early fall, leaves leaving, she brings it up. “Ann… the jar.” I pause at the sink, pause in the scouring, the scrubbing it all away. “Yes, Mama?&...

  • Weather Report: Season Moving Day

    On Tuesday, September 22 nd, 2009

    In the leaf and in the blade lies silence I’ve been looking for all my days and we walk the path, him ahead, leading, and me behind, still coming, and the moss beds my soul. Will I miss your going, Summer, like I missed your coming? When were you here, Summer, you all decked out in your beads of heat? The leaves blush at your going, come undone, roll out the carpet fo...

  • Weather Report: labor days

    On Friday, September 04 th, 2009

    We labor at the glory-seeing and His rest is a bed of joy. The Lord grants his loving kindness in the daytime;in the night season His song is with me…. ~Ps. 42 Photos: reading quiet afternoons in tent trailer, listening to His song in all the worldShare your thoughts?…Would you like to sign up for more quiet thoughts via email?…

  • In this Cynical Age, Someone Must Believe…

    On Tuesday, August 25 th, 2009

    I have committed myself to joy…. We must not be afraid to announce it to refugees, slum dwellers, saddened prisoners, angry prophets. Now and then we must even announce it to ourselves. In this prison of now, in this cynical and sophisticated age, someone must believe in joy.” - Richard Rohr The Jesus believers… aren’t they the Joy Believers? “Thes...

  • Good Habits

    On Monday, August 24 th, 2009

    F eeding a joy habit with a thanks habit…shimmers of grace from a sun weekendthat I shake my head in crazy wonder over, turn face in lipped thanks,and feel the rush into the hollowed places, emptiness filling with the deep joy…eucharisteo… #1085 – #1097 of the endless gifts wet toes summer holler before the boy-dive foam of falls Wild Boys calli...

  • Robed in the Color Patches

    On Thursday, July 30 th, 2009

    Along the grain and in the weave, everywhere the color erupts and runs, bits of hued brilliance. And all over again, I’m four, captivated child with kaleidoscope swirling, mesmerized by the patches of color He wraps around the shoulder and curves of creation. Us His Joseph in the vibrant shades. Lord God, could You take off my blind patches today, that I might se...

  • Always and Everywhere…

    On Monday, July 27 th, 2009

    “My little bird sister, you owe much to God your Creator,and you must always and everywherepraise him… and you are also indebted to Him for the realm of the airwhich He assigned you.Moreover, you neither sow nor reap, yet God nourishes you,and He gives you the rivers and springs to drink from…. Therefore my little bird sisters, be careful not to be ungrateful...

  • Multitudes on a Monday: All Gold

    On Monday, July 13 th, 2009

    He’s always called it Sunday Sadness, that shadow that creeps up over me come mid-Sabbath, when I prematurely begin grieving the passing of Sunday, when there’s still hours of it left, when I begin fearing the looming week to come, when there’s still grace for it too. It comes of years of Monday morning school buses that took me away from home circles, years o...

  • State of the House and Poets’ Dreams

    On Friday, June 26 th, 2009

    I think of it every Thursday, our cleaning day. We dust and pick up and scrub down and toss out and tidy up all our creativity still in process, the necessary trail of our 10,000 hours (the legos, the wood, the paper, the nails, the books, the paints, the material, the pots and pans) and I think of words from the novel, The Diary of a Country Priest: “A parish is bound t...

  • ‘My Joy has no Regard for Circumstances’:Joy Habit

    On Saturday, June 13 th, 2009

    (if video doesn’t view, click here… and consider pausing sidebar music). Possessions in our hands are never as valuableas Peace in our heart.” And Peace, He is a Person. May your wanderings this weekend lead you to a place where ‘happiness is not defined by circumstances’ but by keeping company with Jesus. JOY! All’s grace,

  • Attend to Your Life and You Make it Art

    On Friday, June 12 th, 2009

    Dear Friend, It’s that one phrase you wrote in your letter. I return to those four words often, thinking, feel along them, lean up against them, ponder what they mean. You wrote me those handful of upending words in your exuberant scroll, black ink dancing with exclamation marks: Your LIFE IS ART! And I nearly grabbed a pen right there, to, quick, write you back, askin...

  • The Importance of Nature: How Going for a Walk Restores Your Soul

    On Tuesday, June 09 th, 2009

    We went for a walk in the forest and soothed our tired minds with the rocking of this wide, green world. He led us to quiet waters. And He let this flock with frazzled synapses, weary bones, fatigued souls…. just sit in the green pastures. Just picnic and stare and listen to long frog songs. The water was still. We reflected too. In the verdant quiet is where He r...

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