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Joy Habit

  • Best Way to Get Through Hard Times

    On Friday, January 18 th, 2013

    It’s what I sang over dishes. Sang on the days when I felt too weary to take another step, clean up another mess, change another diaper. Keep singing when I need to keep going on. It’s what I sing when the enemy attacks with lies, when I feel alone and scared, when I fear the future and whispers in the shadows. It’s what my mother-in-law, a Dutch farmer&...

  • 3 Marriage Habits Every Marriage Needs– because it’s worth falling in love again

    On Wednesday, January 09 th, 2013

    He lays his hand on my shoulder. Water drips from strands tousled and a rivulet runs down the small of my back. “I have no idea what to wear.” I’m paying him no mind, standing before the closet with my towel, mumbling words. Hangers clatter. “What you’re wearing is rather pretty.” His stubble finds the curve of my neck. “No…” I laugh, embarrassed,...

  • Pt. 1: How to Begin New Habits {Free Daily Planner}

    On Wednesday, January 02 nd, 2013

    When we read this book , there’s this character that just goes ahead and puts on her “habit.” Shalom pats my shoulder and asks, “What’s a habit?” The amaryllis on the sill, it’s swelling in hope. And I tell Shalom this: a habit is something that is worn. She flickers recognition, nods, turns back to the page. She waits for me to read th...

  • First Up: A Christmas Podcast over at Desiring God

    On Wednesday, December 19 th, 2012

    Because I’m with you, friend, wanting nothing more this year than this: Christmas is not something we wrap up, but a Person whom we unwrap... So! Let’s do Just. That. — you & me both. Three posts today… yes, three because who can contain the comforting joy of Christmas? First up this morning: The grace-filled folks at Desiring God had me over for an...

  • A {Christian} Family Thanksgiving Activity: The Thanks Giving Tree {Free Printable}

    On Wednesday, November 07 th, 2012

    Leaves aren’t ever purely green and not everything is as it seems. The kids and I walk through the orchard and November. That’s what I tell the kids. That all summer, the chlorophyll of the leaf, all that green, absorbs the sun and releases food and it this cycle of chlorophyll that cloaks the leaves’ pure colors. Shalom kneels under the pear tree, picks he...

  • The Real Truth about the Real First Thanksgiving {Free Printable}

    On Friday, November 02 nd, 2012

    That field of beans west of the barn, it looked gaunt come end of October, bean pods all hanging like bony ribs. Whenever the wind sighed, the whole field just rattled skinny. That’s how my Dad always spoke of a railish man, that you could count his ribs. Nothing in me wanted to count those beans, know the yield, from this spare field. When the Farmer rolled the combine in a...

  • Happy November! {November Joy Dare}

    On Thursday, November 01 st, 2012

    Happy Blessed November! BEST month yet? Looking for all His good gifts! {Crazy, eh? That recent studies conclude that keeping a gratitude gift list is *guaranteed* to increase your happiness by 25%? Who in the world doesn’t want 25% more happy? } Print out for the fridge, dare the kids, use these prompts to look for His gifts & give Him thanks & be MUCH happ...

  • 3 lines that are lifelines in any storm

    On Tuesday, October 30 th, 2012

    And on the morning after the brunt of the hurricane, it comes down to just three. Those three that Jonathan Edwards said one had to know about real Christian joy, that no wind should ever tear away from the knowing. And I look out the kitchen window at the corn still standing and I take and make the old preacher’s words real simple and I murmur it quiet, like a song, li...

  • How to Prepare for Storms

    On Monday, October 29 th, 2012

    Storm coming. The geese fly, this black arrow renting the sky before the rain and wind battle in. And we get the pumpkins and squash in, have the bread and applesauce out in the kitchen, and it’s always this – how do you live through storms?  And it’s there on the counter, that thanking journal – that’s slowly etching peace right down into...

  • How to Make Any Place Happy

    On Wednesday, October 24 th, 2012

    And after 11 years here, we paint the walls white, all the walls white, right over the shades of softest green, because in the beginning I wanted a cocoon and now I just want clean, the quiet of clean. Because if you’re saying the average nowadays family has two kids? And we have three times the average with these ridiculous six—  then you multiply the age of these...

  • How to Handle Losses

    On Monday, October 22 nd, 2012

    All through the woods, the trees are letting go. I told the Farmer on the way home from Sunday chapel — when we came up to the top of Bobbie Johnson’s corner, and just before he turned, where you could look long to the northwest and out across Gingerich’s cornfield to their woodlot with the embers of maple — that it was brave, the way the trees made dyin...

  • Your Laughter Medicine for the Day & Free Printables {Crazy Joy: 20}

    On Saturday, October 20 th, 2012

    Your Saturday morning needs this… really. Ken Davis, author of the amazing Fully Alive and a very good friend whom I have the privilege speaking with at Women of Faith, has kindly encouraged and mentored —  and made my sides hurt with happiest laughter. {Please consider clicking off music slider just below top nav bar? RSS readers can come with laugh with Ken her...

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