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  • A North American Lent: When You Want to have an Appetite for More of God

    On Thursday, February 27 th, 2014

    She’d say it like she was dying. Nevermind that she’d been saying she was dying for the last 20 some years and yeah, we might have mocked and rolled our eyes. Why didn’t anyone grab our fool shoulders, shake it into us that it’s only the wise who feel time’s sands running right out of them. Grandma Ruth would stand there in the kitchen and say it gravelly, her hands o...

  • When You’re Struggling through Holy Week (Thursday)

    On Thursday, March 28 th, 2013

    There’s snow in the middle of Holy Week. A dusting, a sugar snow, an Easter snow. As if the whole smashed world is intent on freezing. Doing whatever it takes, over and over again, to stay numbed to the burn of the pain. Because somebody’s beloved kid had a womb scraped out to get rid of a kid. As if a family tree can be conveniently cut up. A 14-year-old boy shoots hi...

  • Come to the Easter Garden {A Christian Easter Family Activity}

    On Thursday, March 14 th, 2013

    So the thing is, back there in the beginning, we all had this shattering fall in a garden. And we mark it on the calendar, Christ, falling in the garden of Gethsemane. Christ, righting our messy fall. So the kids and I, we put our hands into dirt, and we remember our garden fall and His garden grace, and we make a Grace Garden for Easter. : How to Make a Grac...

  • The 1 Command that Could Resurrect the Church, Our Hurting Places & the Sisterhood of Women

    On Wednesday, March 13 th, 2013

    There’s a reason He called us His Body and not His Estate.” That’s what Tib Pearson told me. Tib with his Red Wing workboots and worn John Deere hat and hands weathered and etched like a greying cedar rail. “A Body is connected with sinew and vein —  and an estate is divided with fences and line.” He said it with his hands, the way a man of the land...

  • What Everyone Who Feels Like a Loser Really Needs

    On Wednesday, March 06 th, 2013

    It’s half way through Lent and forget that sign of of dust they brush on the center of your forehead. I’m bowed over the sink after a teenage daughter’s slammed out the backdoor. Slammed out of my ugly diatribe. And I’m thinking I need something more direct, right there on the middle of brow. Like the “L” sign. The one the Farmer frowns deep ...

  • Of Women & Sisters & Family & How You Really Speak Lent

    On Wednesday, February 20 th, 2013

    So Shalom has this bag made by 3 Cords in Haiti that she carries her shoes and Bible in it to Wednesday night Kids Club, and sometimes a hen or a pig, depending on how the day slants and careens. That’s the bag the kid keeps hanging on the first hook inside the back door and that’s the bag she swings over her shoulder like she’s always slinging pure lov...

  • Family Mission Trip #1 (Friday on the Farm)

    On Friday, February 15 th, 2013

    And (I think!) we’re off! Lord willing, we’ll be sharing the God stories in real time as we go with God and stumble and fumble, a bunch of farmers praying for the Harvest? Join in with us on this mission trip?  You’re part of the story with us and we beg prayers and fly with you on the wings of His grace! Lord willing — more on the other s...

  • When You Need The Very Best Valentine

    On Thursday, February 14 th, 2013

    To the one who takes me anyway: I know that it really might not have been. That I could have laughed too loud — wait. I did laugh too loud — but the craziest thing was that you didn’t roll your eyes but looked into mine instead. I’ve got no bloomin’ reason why. Why did you find my eyes and look straight and unashamed into me and what on earth could there have been ...

  • Why Doing Lent This Year Is What You Really Need . . . . . (and a Free Family Lent & Easter Devotional)

    On Tuesday, February 12 th, 2013

    I can’t seem to follow through in giving up for Lent. Which makes me want to just give up Lent. Which makes me question Who I am following. Which may precisely be the point of Lent. Last week, I’m standing on a table, snapping the shutter on a bouquet of roses, when by brother calls. Levi picks it up, his eyes twinkling, stars risen early. I can only hope Levi doesn...

  • How in this World Do You Find Joy? ……. {Holy Week: Part 4}

    On Thursday, April 05 th, 2012

    In the middle of Passion Week, we work dirt. We pick stones off the field, haul off rocks to ready a seed bed. There are eggs in an incubator downstairs in a closet. The whole world is this ticking, waiting, readying thing, on the brink of something cosmic, on the brink of the Biggest Bang — that slamming hammer and the howl of God ringing to the stars. That’s what ...

  • 3 Bowls & a Crown of Thorns on Holy Week … {A Holy Week: Day 2}

    On Tuesday, April 03 rd, 2012

    {This is part of a series this week on preparing hearts for Easter. Part 1 of A Holy Week can be found here} Dad always did that after the meat and potatoes, after the plates were cleared and stacked. He’d ask for a toothpick. Him in his plaid flannel shirt and Levi’s, looking for a bit of a tree to right everything again. That’s what he’d do before he l...

  • If You Want to Start Your Holy Week off Well {A Holy Week: Day 1}

    On Monday, April 02 nd, 2012

    My Grandma, she told me if you found a man who’d weep over a story — that was a man you could marry. The morning of Palm Sunday, the porridge boils over and burns on the stove. Hope tries on three dresses, slumps into the kitchen and declares she has nothing to wear. Shalom can’t find her pink hair bow — only a blue one that’s missing the barrette....