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  • When You are Looking for Signs of Joy … {Words for Lent}

    On Tuesday, March 27 th, 2012
    The water in the woods, it warms in the sun this week. The dog plunges right in. That was the first miracle of the skin bound God: a turning of water into wine. A spring pond in the woods at the end of March, it’s a bit like that — a turning of water into wine.
  • A Family Christian Activity for Easter ……. Make a Grace Garden {A Visual Parable}

    On Friday, March 23 rd, 2012
    Back there in the beginning, we all fell in a garden. And Christ, He falls to the ground in the garden of Gethsemane. And He begins to right our fall. So the kids and I, we put our hands into dirt, and we remember our garden fall and His garden grace, and we make a
  • When You’re Feeling Unseen & Unappreciated {Words for Lent}

    On Wednesday, March 21 st, 2012
    It’s hard to know what that is — when it’s a spotlight that heats up a prophet’s fervor.   When ardency kindles with a microphone and holiness is this blazing performance for audience and applause.   But what is that, that zealous ember in the dark, when a woman wipes the drool from her father’s
  • What to Do When You feel like a Loser…

    On Wednesday, March 14 th, 2012
    It’s half way through Lent and forget that sign of of dust they brush on the center of your forehead. I’m bowed over the sink after a teenage daughter’s slammed out the backdoor. Slammed out of my ugly diatribe. And I’m thinking I need something more direct, right there on the middle of brow. Like
  • When Your Lent Sort of Stinks…

    On Wednesday, March 07 th, 2012
    It’s sort of like the year of the rooster or year of the dog – This Lent, it’s just just up and named itself. Up and named itself the Lent of the Whale. I tear up lettuce for a salad and all I can see is the spouting of that whale. Light the Lenten candle,
  • How to Make Your March Amazing

    On Thursday, March 01 st, 2012
    March, it could come in like a romping lamb and we could go to the woods and take winter for it’s last turn. One last spin on ice,  one final round up the trail. “Isn’t it beautiful?” The Farmer calls over his shoulder, calls back to me. His little lamb skips beside him, trying to
  • The Secret to Fasting in a Lent that is Failing

    On Wednesday, February 29 th, 2012
    Dust cloth in hand, that is what I’m thinking Lent’s all about. Don’t I desperately want to be changed when Easter morning dawns? For something different to have dawned in me. I wash things down. I mean, it’s easier to blithely dust, spring clean, do some happy spring decorating than to think about Lent. I
  • Free Easter Devotional Book to Make a Jesus Easter Tree

    On Wednesday, February 22 nd, 2012
    I can’t seem to follow through in giving up for Lent. Which makes me want to just give up Lent. Which makes me question Who I am following. Which may precisely be the point of Lent. Last week, I’m standing on a table, snapping the shutter on a bouquet of roses, when by brother calls.
  • Living A One-Piece Life: A Good Friday Reflection {His Mother before the Cross}

    On Monday, April 04 th, 2011
    Son…. Son of God… Son of mine… God. Why? From the beginning I have watched and I have listened and I have pondered all these things quiet in my heart — but now I have to ask: why? Why didn’t You come down from that Cross in all Your power and Glory? Why didn’t You
  • How to Make & Take a Peace Retreat

    On Friday, April 01 st, 2011
    {Two posts today— our other family activity posted below} This house rocks with the noise and the thunder, of the many and the living close. I light a candle. We call it a Peace Retreat. When tears rain and voices crash, domestic sky splitting with sibling storm, this Mama who sometimes wearies Mama needs arms
  • Family Activity for Lent: A Repentance Box

    On Friday, April 01 st, 2011
    It’s our Family Sorry Box. Set right there near our our Family Peace Retreat . Because what peace is there without making peace with God? It was an idea that that migrated here  from a friend. So we found a wooden box with a lid, a pen and a stack of paper —  just recycled business
  • Free Easter Devotional with Easter Passion Tree {Because Easter’s More Important than Christmas}

    On Thursday, March 31 st, 2011
    We begin “The Trail to the Tree”… that set us free. Will you join us in these Easter Devotionals? Each of the 17 day journey towards Easter includes: The full  text of the day’s Bible reading in either ESV, NLT or  MSG (of course, feel free to read from your own Bible, if you’d prefer
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