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  • Only the Good Stuff: 10 Plus Links to Feed Your Soul

    On Saturday, August 24 th, 2013

    … when the tide is out, they walked the bottom of the ocean floor. Holding to Truth today: God will make a way where there is no way. Through our Red Seas, God makes roads.  from our Instagram journey this week 62 of the World’s Most Beautiful Libraries “Nobody but God” …. … comforting others out of our own pain, telling our stories...

  • Only the Good Stuff: 8 Links to Feed Your Soul

    On Saturday, August 17 th, 2013

    When You Hit that Wall of Rejection … a must read How One Christian Mom is taking a stand against the TV Networks and graphic ads… and then how her story has gone viral  (graphic image, not appropriate for younger readers) Welcome to Holland … Required reading for anyone who’s life did turn out exactly as planned, dreamed prayed for… Fr...

  • Good Links: Sharing the Happy, Good & Wonderful

    On Friday, July 26 th, 2013

    from our instagram feed this week and where we are right now, out in the fields: Let the harvest begin. In every way possible. #TheFarmerAndHisWife I read it aloud at the dinner table… which was the starting point of a very profound conversation. Absolute Must-Read. If you only read one thing on the internet this week…. make it this. How our choices can in...

  • Good News Saturday Links: Sharing Crazy Beauty

    On Saturday, July 20 th, 2013

    From Marte Marie Fosberg, one of my favorite instagramers to follow : sheer beauty The beauty of Difference : Beauty is Everywhere (because He is) {You must see the whole inspiring Positive Exposure website of the beauty of difference} When you feel unloveable…. Please… watch to the very end. I am RA Dickey (winner of the Cy Young Award) — and I am Secon...

  • 10 Links: Sharing the Happy this Weekend

    On Saturday, July 06 th, 2013

    and I smiled when I found him up here…  from my instagram this week How Clutter Impacts the Brain … and what to do about it … thinking much about this The whole slideshow of the teacher who wore the same outfit for 40 years A favorite on Instagram: Benjamin Hole Free at Christian Audio, the highly recommended novel, Jayber Crow The OB doctor who sings...

  • 12 Links to Share Some Happy Grace

    On Saturday, June 08 th, 2013

    Just sharing a bit of lovely grace…. We all need some, yes? 1. Beautiful free printables for you! Can’t you see these in a young girl’s room? Down the hallway, over a desk? Love. these. yes. 2. Make mistakes? Make enough of them? This…on making enough mistakes. 3. What is burnout, anyways? Choosing to rest, there is always a rest in Him. 4. Perfect...

  • Happy June! Make it Great: 7 Links to Share the Joy in June

    On Saturday, June 01 st, 2013

    1. There’s No place like our Eternal Homes — from a family facing tornadoes 2. Girlfriend is better – This line: “Apparently extra genetic material on the 21st chromosome means that God stayed His hand with the rest of us. The rest of us struggle all our days to love as well.” The beauty of this… 3. The Perils of staying up Late… fo...

  • Morning Espresso: 10 Links for an Amazing Week

    On Monday, May 27 th, 2013

    Free Printable: “Today I am Grateful” Tape on the fridge. Change the week. Smile. Lawn-sized Bananagrams? Yes, Please. 5 Things Your Sponsored Child Can Never Tell You Just take 5 minutes and read. This. Caption These. Seriously. Grab someone and ask them to help caption these. Startling beauty , yes? Science discovers what God says: The Power of Prayer: Pray...

  • Morning Espresso 16.5

    On Thursday, May 16 th, 2013

    How to make the Perfect Cup of Tea: George Orwell’s 11 Rules The Best Moment of My Day… This. Slows your heart rate down, yes? What’s yours? On living the Unhurried Life.… read. this. slow. What are your sheer acts of defiance? Ten Inspiring Ways to Your Parenting – no matter where you live…… 5 Minute Glory Holy-day -– the who...

  • Morning Espresso 14.5

    On Tuesday, May 14 th, 2013

    The gift for yourself and everyone who loves you: Why we really have to take a walk everyday … physical inactivity is the #4 killer? {I’ll take a photo of my walk today and share on instagram and tag with #1000gifts — you take a photo of your walk too and tag it? Deal.} The role of siblings in mental health — one to pray over… I can’t sto...

  • 9 Links to Share the Wonder of Waking Up

    On Saturday, May 04 th, 2013

    Yeah… because who doesn’t need to share the wonder of waking up to what matters, to grace, to amazing… Breathe Deep. Smile. Hold the smile. There — feels better already, doesn’t it? Again…. Perfect! 1. 22 Unbelievable Places on His Earth… I know, eh? Stunning. 2.What One man Really Discovers about himself after a year a way from the in...

  • 10 Links to Share Some Happy Love this Weekend

    On Saturday, April 20 th, 2013

    1. Breathe Deep. Smile. Hold the smile. There — feels better already, doesn’t it? Again…. Perfect! 2. Take a Mini Vacation right now – Go slow. Breathe Deep. Stunning, eh? 3. We’re alive just right now– promise you’ll go outside and play just even for 5 minutes today? 4. Clean the house quick (really!) and this will only take a minu...

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