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  • Brave Affairs

    On Thursday, September 10 th, 2009
    He lies stretched out in the dark and I lay long beside him, listen to him breathe, only sound there is. This is our love story, the one we’ve written with years and skin and the rings. In his sleep, he finds my hand. It’s the only one I’ve known. His only, hands larger than
  • What a Man Can do to a Woman….

    On Monday, August 10 th, 2009
    Sometimes it takes a man to make a woman. That night he took my face in his hands and kissed me too long in the dark, I was seventeen and he was just a boy. No doubting, we were too young. And I wouldn’t recommend it, just saying how it was and how that smile
  • When A Family is Broken

    On Friday, July 31 st, 2009
    When my dad laid his hand on that axed-hewn beam, against the grain of all those decades, I could see the running of his veins where the sap once flowed to the sky. He was leaning over the pile of wood beams and talking of swing beams and post holes and counting the hours the
  • Conversation: How Can I be a better Wife?

    On Tuesday, June 30 th, 2009
    I ask him at the end of the trail, the end of the weekend, the end of fifteen years. I ask him before we set out again. We sit under the oaks, green banners flying in the wind. There had been a pause in our passing of words back and forth and it was what
  • Permanence

    On Thursday, June 25 th, 2009
    How could we have known 15 years ago today how He would enlarge our love circle? We bought the table with gifts from my mama, your parents, my dad. The circling chairs’ paint crack with time’s lines. Little Shalom, Peace Child, has nearly outgown spindled high chair. And you, oh you, my Farmer Husband, brought
  • Think How They Made the Walls Sing!

    On Friday, June 05 th, 2009
    Love birds, finches, sing at the feeder this still June morning of pure light and clear air and I’m thinking of old love. Old, long love that makes you smile and laugh and want to hold another heart close. (consider clicking off music in sidebar)(The couple playfully playing have been married 62 years, and the
  • Meeting Words…

    On Wednesday, April 22 nd, 2009
    From rocks and big sky, I take wing for homecross curve of sphere, cross continent, steel bird delayed here, then missed there,catching one last one out by the tail, and after the landing, winding those long roadshome through the dark, always counting miles, counting hours, till nearly three,and when I finally cut the engine and
  • Just

    On Monday, March 16 th, 2009
    He watches the weather, blue sky, blue screen. He’s waiting for mercury to plunge low, solidifying earth’s crust; waiting for the water pores in each soil particle to glaciate. He needs the fields to freeze like concrete. It comes on Wednesday while we sleep. He’s fed sows in the dark and he’s in from the
  • Soaking Up More Than Spilled Milk…

    On Friday, February 20 th, 2009
    They’ve captured me on film wearing it, it like a toga slung over one shoulder, like a mantle flung over and hanging, and sometimes I wave hands, waving off clicking shutter because I’m wearing this thing, even while out for a stroll, and sometimes, frankly, I entirely forget that it’s there, it flowing from me.
  • Love Dare

    On Thursday, February 12 th, 2009
    To love anyone is to hope in him always. From the moment at which we… limit our confidence in him, from the moment at which we pigeon-hole him, and so reduce him to that, so we cease to love him, and he ceases to be able to become better. We must dare to love in
  • Become the Story

    On Thursday, October 09 th, 2008
    We feed on stories. Like children, hungry, malnourished, we starve for words. But I wasn’t thinking any of that on Saturday, kneeled in a kitchen with a Grandma wrapping rosebud stems for a corsage and a bride fixing her veil while flowergirls swirl in sunlight. They, these old family friends, had asked if I might
  • What is a Family?

    On Tuesday, September 16 th, 2008
    “A family is a mobile. A mobile is a moving changing collection of objects constantly in motion, (and oh, is this family that! a blur of crazy motion!) yet within the framework of a form. (is the “framework of a form” our daily ceremonies?) A family is an art form.” ~Edith Schaeffer (brackets mine) “People
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